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[3.1.2]Harsh World![PvP][30 slots][Factions][No Quantun,RM, or Gem Chestplate][Spleef Arena]


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BasarasV I need to talk to you. Yesterday a deplorable fact happened and you should be informed of it.

This is what's left of my house and all my death trying to make him reason

And the one who did it is SPIRAL. I don't know why but sure as hell I did nothing to provoke him; I know that griefing is allowed but the means he used were not "legal" as he used his powers to find and gain access to it.

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LAWolves I am sorry that happened but I can assure you that the commands Mods have access to do not let them tp to anyone , they have to request a tp like everyone else, they also don't have access to the options to look up players coordinates. Make sure to never trust anyone (except for me and Jeters_belly of course :P) and show them where your base is at. Everyone including MODs have the option to attack you. Now if you teleport a Mod to fill out a complain or something then I do expect them to respect the situation and not create a wavepoint or set home or anything like that.

Let me know if I can help you with some items again or something.

Also Spiral stop killing everyone so soon bro lol...let them build up some riches before trying to kill them ....it's Mod Etiquette.

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Lol, LAWolves, i'd like to inform you that what i did was completely legit, as Moderators dont have /tp or anything. we're the same as players but we have a few more commands then players but only to enforce rules.

How could you possibly find my house without TPing to me?

We had a "PvP challange" (that was not even fair btw since you kept wearing your Nanosuit), and then I asked you to give me back my stuff since it was a challange and I was not supposed to lose anything after it. And you then Tped to my house and kept killing me with Balkons weapons in my house and without explaining anything you went on and as I managed to shut you out of the door you proceeded to thoroughly demolish it.

And what makes me mad is the fact you lured me saying you were going to give me a RedMatter Furnace...

...Btw I thought MODs were there to help ppl out not trick them and ruin their work.

It had been such an enjoyable stay on that server that it all came like a thunder in a bright day.

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LAWolves lol we dont have /tp, and giving you a redmatter furnace i dont remember, but doing a shootoff with the musket yes i remember.

BasarasV Banned me from destroying early players work, so you guys have a huge headstart. use it.

And there's this mod i dunno if you know what it is but it goes by Rei's MiniMap, allows you to set waypoints.

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hi bas or jet or who ever reads this, there still is major lag and constant d/c's, u probably know this and are trying to fix/ find that demon plugin lol but cos i aint seen u for a while i thought i give u a heads up any ways:), its a little better but just slows right down real quick. o and another thing, jet we been raided big style, like we may as well start again big style i managed to grab some projector parts but that's it im afraid, we should build the new one really really far away lol.

safe guys see u when yr on next and thxs again for running this server its awesome :)

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