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[3.1.2]Harsh World![PvP][30 slots][Factions][No Quantun,RM, or Gem Chestplate][Spleef Arena]


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lol. why even ask?

if you get un-banned come live with me if you like man.

i have a pretty good place buddy, but bonecrusher is stuck in it because i was banned atm, but now its a temp ban, so hopefully he didnt destroy my stuff or leave the forcefield open lol

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As long as it was a legit raid i dont care.

Although that was not spirals revengeit was his retaliation to OUR revenge for when he used his mod tp to come to our island and blow it too shit. Then we got his base before he joined the techno lords.

Btw the way Jeters i was just on harsh working on the spawn shop fatman, misterman and i are working on for Bas and the server crashed?

Any way you could reboot it?

Why would you think I crashed it? I helped Spiral defend it after the 1st raid and I gave Spartan an HV Solar Panel to run the FF after the 2nd raid... D: (I made that HV myself too)

I couldn't even get inside your base untill the FF went down, and I can't get in there anymore now that it is up.

My point being, I don't know why you would accuse me of raiding your base other than that I found the Ring of Arcana while helping you guys... (And just a question for the Admins, why is it banned, it is just a cool looking Rending Gale isn't it?)

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inolube ill unban you at 6:00 today since you were banned at 6:00 yesterday.Never disrespect a staff member again. next time it will be perminant

you would think ppl being a mod they would show respect, because in my mind, if he is respectful to me i have no problem, but for someone to just go and kill u when u just start is lame in my book, and has no respect why would u and or anyone show respect to someone that isnt showing respect back?

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I can't because I don't have the host computer and basarasv is at work and I'm at school. Sorry about that but keep checking sometimes it will restart by it self.

I'm going to ask basarasv if there is anyway for me to restart it

Durex tears who else was on besides you three. Might be over flow. Just building a shop shouldn't have crashed the server or its are plugins again. Basarasv is trying to restart it now.

Thanks guys, Jeters it was just me online and i was just building the shop.(when i named the other two i just meant that they are involved with it, they werent online at the present) i wasnt messing around with the cheshtshop plugins either. it just randomly crashed i dunno what the go was, but thanks for tryin to restart it, didnt mean to bother you's at work/school. (different timezones and whatnot)

Spiral wanted revenge and I gave it to him and it was dynamite not TNT and we don't know who raided us and yes i think it was bonecrusher. Basarasv is my uncle and I'm co host

That is funny. Iv'e only just realised the whole entire reason that base was in the volcano is because *duuun duuun duuuuuuun* Dynamite does not blow up basalt. Jeters you want your players to respect your staff. how about a little respect for us in return? It would go a long way.

I'd appreciate not being un-fairly raided over in the future by an admin and if you do decide to do it again. i'd prefer to not be lied to about it. please?

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ok so I put allot of effort into this I’m not meaning to be a little bitch losing my stuff was not the problem "I love it lol means next time we build bigger better safe" raided by a befriended faction mehhh o well live and learn, having a faction member bonecrusher tp a player to the base "he claims he didn’t jets claims he did " jets is higher rank so his world is gold everyone makes mistakes.

ok so here’s the thing *don’t piss on me and call it rain i know my shit some testing went into the construction of that base*

Blast Resistanceclip_image001.png

When a creeper blows up on Basalt or Basalt Bricks it will blow up only 0-1 blocks, making it a great building material.

Simple blast-chamber testing (building a 5x5x5 block with a hole in one side and TNT placed in the center then detonated) suggests that Basalt Brick has a higher blast restance than end stone. As end stone has a blast resistance of 45, Basalt Brick could be 60 or more, making it an attractive material to use for blast proof constructions.

Specific results after several rounds of testing each type were:End Stone and Basalt Blast Chambers.

· End Stone averaged 26 blocks destroyed in a TNT detonation

· Basalt averaged 24 blocks destroyed

· Basalt Brick had only 22 blocks destroyed on average.

Dynamite will NOT destroy Basalt, but it will destroy End Stone.

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Well for one I was lying about not using tnt but i did not place it using my admin powers. The mercurial eye works in fraction protected areas so I used that. I don't see it in are list of banned items unless basarasv banned it and never updated the list. If it is I will replace some of your items because then I used a banned item to raid you. But I repeat again it was a legit raid. Anyways spiral used dynamite to blow up all your machines and chests. So there was nothing left so I blew it to pieces with the merc eye. But just to say anyone can raid anyone. Ask spiral, bonecrusher did tell me to tpaed to him to see if I could get into the back of his movie theater that he also tped batman so batman could watch a movie. I have 2 witnesses. I'm done on this subject. I'll talk to everyone later. Hope the server doesn't crash again.

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Batman tells us a different story, And sorry to bonecrusher but i dont believe he's being entirely truthful. he said you "used your admin powers to tp through a locked door" which IS possible using the cords tp but i doubt you would have bothered.

I agree, whats done is done. we got spiral, spiral got us. i hope we can leave this shiiiit behind us. because i personally am over hearing about it. :)

On another note fatman, misterman and myself have made MASSIVE progress on the server spawn shop we are building for bas and yourself.

Come by and check it out early as a show of good faith if you agree to be peaceful?

All we really have left to do is to make a shit tonne of hv's and set up the teleporters and power sources. plus Decorate+furbish the place. Oh and we were thinking of going a step further and arranging all the chests so all Bas will have to do is place the signs, Just to save him and yourself a bit extra time and effort, as we know you already put in a lot of effort for us around work/school.


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i just wanna all get along again like the good old days :) im loveing the server clocking some nice houres getting some really awsom idears for gifts for basar my rant was not calling any one an abuser or anything of the such just saying dynamite wasent used to create that crator lol :3 love all xxoo

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Thank you guys for helping out by making a shop and I'm sorry for lying. Btw me or basarasv will copy your store to spawn when ever your ready for us to do it and how's the server running? Btw mister man sounds cool Ill build a fighting arena when I get on tonight. Make sure to use reinforce stone if you guys want to build it. Ok I have to take a test now talk to you guys later.

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