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[3.1.2]Harsh World![PvP][30 slots][Factions][No Quantun,RM, or Gem Chestplate][Spleef Arena]


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This is a mod app i found on The Big Trio , Basaras' favorite server :D

Moderator Application

Ingame Name: SPIRAl547689

Age: 14

Skype(If you have one, if not N/A this): thisbitchblue99

Name(Can be messaged later if you prefer it stays private): Blue Mireles (yes the color)

How long have you been playing HarshWorld ?: about a month and a week :D

What would you rate your Reputation on the server: i'd say a 7, 8 out of 10.

*Scenario Testing*

A player is excessively swearing, and Spamming, you would?: 10Minute mute or jail.

How would you handle a bug abuser?: By getting rid of all bugged items and 1 day jail or ban if severe.

Would you ban a player if he griefed your base/Raided you?: No, i wouldnt let my personal stuff get in the way of my staff dutys.

Timezone: I think EST .

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Great server! I've had a lovely time playin with these guys. they are so understanding and the mods to a great job, they handle any problem that should arise swiftly and with total fairness. There are a few banned items but they are understandle and are waaaay overpowered, they are the sort of items which i find to cheaped the game. so if you like that style of play, this is the server for you!

i'd like to make special mention to moderator SPIRAl547689 he does is job admirably.

BasarasV provides a stable and mature server for people of all ages to play on. i STRONGLY advise giving this server a try. it, is, amazing!

peace, friends.

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Someone used the philosopher stone on the Spleef arena Part of the glass is sand. Please fix and also are there admin slots yet?

-j_q_a Mod of

[3.1.2]Harsh World![PvP][30 slots][Factions][No Quantun,RM, or Gem Chestplate][spleef Arena]

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