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[Team Assembling] Minecraft Advanced (A whole new game)


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Hello guys, this is Wakigawa!

I am assembling a team of Modders to make this MOD. It will be tiring and the difficulty is great, but the results will be rewarding.

I'm willing to help in every way necessary for this idea to live and happen. There will be a day when YouTube animations and videos of Minecraft will be exactly equal to the game.

Anyway, this is the idea :

Advanced Combat

Have you ever thought about dodging a Zombie equipped with a sword, parrying your sword with another player in PvP or even blocking his "punches"? And even movements like rolling/kicking?

What about your enemy's corpse still lay down on the ground? What about looting it?

That sounds like awesome right? And it can get better.

Better Animations

Punching animations, swords, mining, climbing, jumping, rolling, parrying, forging and much more!


is another Key to the mod. Holding the classic Sword + Shield and blocking attacks and arrows,

Repelling arrows with sword, or pulling 2 arrows from your long/shortbow.


That's another idea for the Advanced Combat. Imagine yourself ripping the guts out of zombies, cutting skeletons in half, chopping a creeper's leg, or even another player! Making the mobs bleed, and even yourself. Arrows sticking to the MOB is a pretty nice idea aswell.

Combat Items and Proficiency

As you battle more, you get experience. Dodge/Parry more, Pull arrows more swiftly, Run faster, Climb faster! Ideas for items are: Shield, Throwing Knife, Daggers, Poisoning Objetcs using Poison Sacs dropped by Spiders, a GUI for Forging Items (Add separated pieces of customization) Sheat your sword in your back, or your bow, Customize your Armor and much more!

The Forge.

Make a room where you can smelt your Iron, and drop it into a bucket and forge your sword by hitting your hammer into it. Forging and Crafting was never as realistic. Show off your items in a Pedestal or Armory

Adding : The Forge, The Smelter, Hammers, Conductive Pipes and Sword Sheats/Show-Off Puppets


Holding a Torch while dual-wielding provides a light level.

Player Better Models

Add more "joints" to your Character! Make it roll, dance, lay down and even more! No more cheap jumping animations anymore!


Everybody already played a sneaking-type game. Metal Gear and many others. Imagine yourself invading and lockpicking doors and chests, assassinating players from behind, hiding bodies and more!


The Environment is much more alive. Animal noises, sounds and background music will give "that" survival/adventure feeling. It will be hazardous and beautiful. Animals and new natural mobs are of course, planned. And they will kill you, if necessary.

Survival Boost

Heat will be one of the basic things in minecraft. From a firecamp to a fireplace. Temperature can kill you. Wear leather clothes and stay warm, or die.

That's all i can think of now. More ideas can and will be added to the topic.


(PM me here or in the minecraftforums for more information/contact.)

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Good ideas. But that would be a huge mod and a major piece of work, if not an overhaul of large portions of the game.

Anyway, I can't help, but best of luck.

Thank you BurningCake! I'm not a crazy bastard to expect this doing in like 3 months. I know it will take a long time to do it, and if i need to do it myself, i will do it. I really want to see this mod into my favorite game, rising and shining.

But having an opportunity to meet people and work with them, that's just perfect. I really hope people will dig the idea and help me.

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u should add a few mobs of your own like fish tigers bears lots more then itll be like smart moving and mo creatures together and mo weapons (its not copying inless you make the textures the same) seriously tho i will get this mod for sure

Full stop. This was a 1 1/2 month necro, you added basically nothing of significance to this thread, and your grammar/spelling looks like it was from a 5 year old. Please don't do that again.

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