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Tekkit (fan?) Art


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Guess who's going to get a 1 in their IB art class?


It's me!!


I don't have:

  • a theme
  • deeper meanings
  • focuses
  • research
  • a good candidate statement

I do have:

  • Decent art

I'm just not deep enough.

A teacher went off on my and told me I need to stop telling everyone I'm not learning anything from the class because I'm not being open minded.

The thing is the projects the teacher does assign, like color theory, I already know about. We also don't do any tutorials/practice on composition,anatomy, or style. We don't really practice skill overall. The teacher also doesn't give any resources except for some youtube videos. Students are just kinda expected to find everything themselves and teach themselves. I can see some independent studies but at this point it's just self taught. Everything that I've learned during the class was me just on the internet finding my own resources like I've been doing for the past few years.


But I guess I'm not


Anyway have some art




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How would you guys respond if I made a how to draw video?

​Very very positively, I'm absolutely *blorp* at any kind of art, especially drawing, and you're so damn good that maybe I'd actually be able to improve.

Noice set of pictures by the way :D

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