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[1.1.1] LathanaCraft [PvE][30 slots][No Grief, Grief Prevention, Economy, Mob Arena and more]


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Welcome to LathanaCraft!

Open 24/7
"Since it isn't as big as other servers, you form good relationships with the other players."  - Shamrak3
"The players are friendly and the server is lag free"  - Sam_1337_

Server Rules:

No Griefing
No Stealing
 No Cheating
No Killing

Use Common Sense


Banned Items:

Nova Cacalyst
Nova Cataclysm
Industrial TNT
IC2 Dynamite

All Chunk Loaders



Grief Prevention
Tree Chop 2
Core Inspect
Mob Arena
Time Is Money
Clear Lag
Keep Death Drops


Our server is a small PvE server that was made for people to have fun without worrying about other people trying to ruin there stuff, we are looking for players that want to have a fun peaceful Tekkit Legends experience.

LathanaCraft is a Tekkit Legends server in which the sole purpose is to survive. The server has PvP disabled and there is no threat of players raiding your bases. We have multiple plugins to help protect your builds and some plugins for fun. We have Tree Chop 2 to make cutting trees down easier, mob arena for fun with friends, random teleport so you can get far from spawn, clear lag has a addon that prevents it from deleting death drops, chest shop to allow the players to make shops, time is money to allow the player to make money while playing and many more! So come and try us out. We are here for you to have fun!


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