Blightfall not launching

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Hello people, wondering if you can help me. I downloaded Blightfall yesterday and tried to run it today, i pressed play and the technic launcher closes (as it usually does when loading a modpack) then it launches back up several seconds later with the modpacks screen. I tried it again with console open and it says it has a crash report with Launching game or something. I'm not very good at seeing what's wrong with something, wondering if anyone could help me? I'll find a way to post the crash report soon. 

My computer has 6GB RAM, i5 processer with integrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics 3000)

EDIT: should be the link


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1 hour ago, sammystar5 said:

i5 processer with integrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics 3000)


Hey look, Windows 10 and Intel HD Graphics. Now if Windows actually updated your graphics card instead of leaving it broken...

Anyways, check if you can update your Intel HD Graphics driver here:

Otherwise, try if downgrading to Java8u25 helps (you are currently on 8u73).

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