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The entire contents of the Fantasy Forest modpack in one sentence: Run around the Twilight Forest on your Chocobo with a fairy on your head firing custom bolts from your crossbow at the menacing hydra while wearing a backpack made of zombie flesh in utter darkness.

Thank you. *takes a bow*

*gets a tomato to the face*


I actually put some work into this by including some simple guidebooks to help explain what the mods do. Yay.


Huge question: I just created this modpack, and I haven't advertised it at all or told a single soul about it, but now it's up to 50-something downloads and they sure as heck aren't from me. Who the heck is playing my modpack, and what do you think of it??


1.This is my first modpack

2. This is my first post on this forum

3. I just had some chocolate cheerios and they were good

Deliberately not signing my name at the end of this post.

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