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28 minutes ago, dott_Andrew said:

I played in a multyplayer, i build houese etc etc, now when i try to enter, loggin in with dirt background and after a few seconds it quits to technic launcher, can someone helps me? I attached the crash file.


Garage door crash, this has likely been fixed in Carpenters blocks 3.3.8 (Legends running 3.3.7). So either request the staff of your server to remove the garage doors or wait and hope the Technic team updates Legends soon so it includes this fix.

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5 hours ago, dott_Andrew said:

But in other servers i can play without problems, why in this server i can't play and crashed?

Because on other servers, you do not have said issue with the garage doors bugging out. It is not on your side, it is on the serverside.

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