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[3.1.3]The Kill Zone Tekkit[12][No Greylist]

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You a have a grief-er that is messing things up for no reason. I had a Rubber Tree base near spawn. 3 days into playing, i log on and its Swiss cheese. The only reason I had some stuff left was because I had a personal safe. You need to get an anti grief plug in. On a side note, some of the other players believe it to be an Admin by the name of Trevor? I suggest you pick better staff. If I was an admin, I wouldn't be going around and messing up peoples hard work. :\ It is very discouraging. Thank you for your time.

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nether help trevor has gone rouge and blew up my house

i have played this server for 1 week make 2 houses and booth blew up. I believe it to be a op because the personal chests are invinsible to anyone but a op or the player that owns them. my house blew up the second time today. everything from my mk 2 collector to my iron chest is gone. i believe it was a op and it was trevor. one week of hard work is gone. next time pick you ops wisely.

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