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Most of the people  are wondering "how to find and kill the Blizz?" well, I have the answer to you the Blzz isn't rare at all it's found in the dungeons AND THERE INVISIBLE YOU CAN"T SEE THEM!! but in a different creative world I got a modded mini gun and put some explosive rounds and went to destroy a really tiny castle but, It had dungeon  I went to the dungeon in survival I started shooting the mobs then I heard a weird sound I choudn't recognize it and it was the Blizz it was invisible so, you are asking how did I found it out it's a blizz? so I went to my NEI tab and I saw a Spawner called Blizz spawner and that looked like the opposite version of the blaze and the blizz throwed some weird ice shard looking things i thought it was the "Blizz" And yeah the blizz is invisible 

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Is the Blizz actually invisible? I don't think it is supposed to be. For more actual information on the Blizz check here: http://teamcofh.com/docs/thermal-foundation/mobs/blizz/. I do not play tekkit very often, so please correct me if I am wrong. Lastly Blizz are extremely rare and are supposed to spawn in snow-like biomes, strait from the docs: " Packs of Blizzes are about ten times as rare as packs of mobs like Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders and Creepers. This means packs of Blizzes are about as rare as packs of Endermen. "

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