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[3.1.2]Technicalcraft[PvE/PvP][20 slots][Griefprevention][Essentials][Most EE]


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Jamiecooksey AND beeksy - I died when i crashed by lag that annoying thing and he stole all my stuff, i now have nothing and he wont giv it back. Emolg will you be able to search his inventory and give me my stuff back?

EDIT-I got some stuff back but not my rm hat, chest and gem legs. the other stuff beeksy has (I created some myself after i got some backs back when jamie was killed)

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Dear Emolg,

Today me and oliwolly underwent a special operation known as operation justice, to assasinate beeksy and retreive game's items

we are happy to report the mission was a 100% succuessful and that we were able to interrogate Beeksy. He says that jamie (His freind on the server) is the one to have taken the stuff as game died nad given a majority of that bags along with 64 diamonds and all rm armor except for the boots (He had diamond boots on). He also says that jamie is good at computing and could be a possiblr hacker and threat to the server.

Beeksy is in jail in holding at the TCPD HQ and is waiting for your final discion. He also pleads to be innocent. I strongly suggest banning or doing interogating jamie.


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