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[3.1.2]Technicalcraft[PvE/PvP][20 slots][Griefprevention][Essentials][Most EE]

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Server IP:









To protect your equipment, put a sign on it! This works for most IC2 and EE2 items!

Our only rules are:

Be polite and respect other people, Don't steal from others or kill unless necessary, and do not take out of their death chest (graves) You may take the stone brick and the sign, but leave the chest.

We have no mods banned, but we have a fair amount of banned items.

Banned items are:

DM Pedestal, as it spams the console and causes server-wide lag,

World Anchors, As they keep chunks loaded, thus causing lag,

Some functions of power items are disabled, to prevent griefing,

Ring of arcana,

Ring of ignition,

Zero ring,

Nova catalyst,

Nova cataclysm,

Industrial TNT,

Dynamite and Sticky Dynamite,

All RM and DM toold (except those that can't be used to bypass anti grief, like the swords. RM Picks are permitted too)

Forcefield block cutter upgrade.

Thats about all the banned items, I May have missed a few, but if you can't craft it, its banned.

We are looking for respectable people to join our server, the type that would see griefing, and report it, and who also would not commit greif in any way shape or form.

uptime: 24/7 except for the daily restarts! We apologise for the server randomly shutting down, we do not know the cause of this and are working with our server hosts to find the problem. Thank you for your patience!

The server appears fixed!

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Taken down the server?

It is coming back online, We had some issues, turns out Factions had broken the server by filling up its base data storage, should be back up within 5-10 mins

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Its DarkEmperor3 or GodEmperor.What Host do you use for server.Its really ugly(I own 1 big town).I will help you with donations!(Will try)

We use Clanslots as our host.

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It's still offline...

Yes, sorry I Didn't realise until today, someone did something on the server which caused it to crash ^^; I Am so sorry about this! ^^;

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I have logged on. Can someone please tell me how the grief protection works?

You place a chest, that will make a 4X4 protected zone, now, to expand that you need to use a golden shovel, then you click on one corner of your claim, and then click in another location, and if you have enough claim blocks it will expand it to there.

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