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[3.1.2]Aegis Gaming PvP[PvP][200 slots][Optional Greylist][BOSEconomy,Towny][CC disabled/EE limited]


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Server IP: pvp.aegisgaming.org

Aegis Gaming PvP is one server of a large network of Technic Pack servers.

We are a raiding community, catering to those adept in automation, PvP, and protection. AG PvP is not for the faint of heart or one who intends to exist peacefully in a minecraft server.

Our server is a deluxe hosted server, with a 24/7 up-time, and minimal lag.

We're searching for players of all types who are willing to step up to the challenge and take on our core raiding community. Join today and become a citizen of one of the four current nations in order to get started. Make some friendships, make some enemies, and bring something unique to the group you decide to join. Whether you're a builder, a designer, an automator, or a PvPer, each nation will want you.

Joining the server is simple: if you want, you can join the server with the IP above and begin playing immediately. However, if you want to be granted automatic promotion to citizenship, you may sign up and register your minecraft character at www.aegisgaming.org. There, you can find the IP's of -all- of our Technic servers in the left sidebar, or head straight to the PvP server.

Server Ranks, and What They get You In-Game:

: New player, basic Towny commands. Can build and destroy. Access to basic /kit's.

: Earned through registering on the website, or through 4 hours of in-game play.

: Earned by playing a minimum 24 hours on server. Contractors are more-respected players in-game and on the site. Have access to lava and water buckets. Can make CraftBook bridges and gates.

: Rewarded to players who stick out in the community as talented builders, leaders, or contribute to the server's growth and well-being.

: Paid rank, $20. Access to gem kits and more Craftbook commands.

: Paid rank, $20, plus subscription of $5/$10 per month. Earns a nickname of your choice, teleport commands (/tpa, /top, etc.). Exempt from AFK kicks, has more access to CraftBook commands, better kits, and access to a cheaper item shop.

: Rewarded after engineer. Integral player in the community, usually given to retired staff members.

Mod, S.Mod
Admin, Owner
: Staff positions. All have access to LogBlock tools, teleport commands, /gm, and many Essentials commands. Mods cannot use WorldEdit.

Server Rules:

1. Griefing

1.1 - Griefing is allowed in Wilderness Only!

1.2 -Overloading a reactor for the purpose of doing damage is ILLEGAL!

2. Raiding

2.1 - You can take the contents of any chest/machine you find

2.2 - Any block which can be broken can be taken (wilderness)

2.3 - Logging out while in Enemy territory is Not Allowed (this will be treated as combat logging)

2.4 - Glitching/Exploiting through walls is Not Allowed

2.5 - Frame Miners are NOT allowed on the PvP World, vehicles however, ARE.

2.6 - Frames are NOT to be used in raids

3. PvP

3.1 - PvP is enabled on the server so watch your back.

3.2 - No PvP logging (logging out while in or being chased in a player versus player encounter)

3.3 - No spawn/Portal/town spawn Camping

3.4 - Traps

3.4.1- *Traps must kill intruders in a reasonable amount of time, or give them a way to escape.

3.4.2- *If you are stuck in a trap that you cannot teleport out of, and have no way of dying in ask a staff member to teleport you out.

4. Chat

4.1 - No Spamming

4.2 - No harassment

4.3 - No excessive vulgar language

4.4 - No Racism (or discrimination of any kind)

4.5 - No advertising other servers

5. Land Scarring

5.1 - Leave land presentable after use (Quarries, Beaches, etc)


6.1 - Excessive use of cannons resulting in over-excessive damage to the target area will result in administrative punishment.

6.2 - You are allowed 2 cannons per raid: one for any exterior wall and one for any interior wall. This rule is overwritten by Paragraph 6, article 1, of the PvP Rules Sub-section.

6.3 - Cannons must be constructed on a load bearing land mass. Cannons cannot be constructed in a manner that lift's them off of the ground more than 5 blocks tall, or in a way that transports them via aerial flight (Frames).

6.4 - Cannons must be at least 2 chunks, or, 32 (thirty-two) blocks away from any target area. Any cannon found to have been constructed within this 32 block safe zone, can, and will be subjected to administrative punishment.

6.4.1 - *Any cannon found to have been constructed within 10, (ten) blocks of targeted area, will yield an automatic ban for the raider responsible, with chance for appeal.

6.4.2 - *Any cannon found to have been constructed within 1, or 0, (one, or zero) blocks of the targeted area, will yield an automatic ban for the raider responsible, with NO CHANCE for appeal.

- All rules are subject to change, it is the player’s responsibility to be aware of any changes

- Players caught repeatedly breaking rules will receive escalating punishments

- Demotions are a possible punishment and any loss of rank gained by donating will not be refunded

Disabled and Restricted Mods:

BuildCraft has been mostly disabled for the
main world
because of coding issues within the mod that render it unacceptable for use on a crowded server. These include, but are not limited to, item bombs resulting from poor arrangement of transport pipes, and the inability to detect block data from a pipe pumping goods in or out of a chest.

BuildCraft quarries are enabled for the mining world only, for Engineer ranks and paid ranks. The mining world is reset every seven days.

EquivalentExchange has been majorly disabled because of its game-breaking qualities. At Aegis PvP, we encourage a competitive, PvP, raiding atmosphere. The competition is removed when every player can reach endgame under 24 hours.

Parts of EE are available for trade and purchase in our Hero Shop, and are used as a physical currency in-game.

ComputerCraft, Force Fields, and Wireless Redstone Addons have been completely disabled because of frequent crashes surrounding the mods.

Details on Disabled and Restricted Items within the Mods Listed Above:

Equivalent Exchange:

Allowed Items

Restricted to Hero Shop:

Dark Matter Armor

Dark Matter Tools

Red Matter Tools

Alchemical Chest

Interdiction Torch

Harvest Goddess Band

Talisman of Repair

Mid Range Divining Rod

Energy Collector MK1

Anti-Matter Relay MK1

Dark Matter Furnace

Craftable EE2 Items:

Klein Stars (All types)

Aeternalis Fuel

Alchemical Coal

Alchemical Tome (Currently Defunct, will be needed at a later date)

Mobius Fuel

Disabled Items

Everything else (pending item fixes)

Red Matter Morningstar


Restricted to Hero Shop:

All RP2 computer items for sale in Hero Shop


Restricted Items:

Fuel/Electric Jetpack for sale in Hero Shop

Nano Saber for sale in Hero Shop

Disabled Items:

Mining Lazer

Quantum Suit Body Armor


Build Craft:

Disabled Items:

Item/Power/Water Teleport Pipes


Water Strainer


Dimensional Anchor

Restricted Items:

Quarry: Restricted to use in mining world ONLY! Usable only by Engineer and up Ranks.

Major Plugins:















Server Events:

Aegis PvP hosts various events, including PvP tournaments, mob arenas, and "Shin-Ra's Shotgun Shoot n' Scoot." The Shoot n' Scoot is a 30 man, PvP tourney where players are only given shotguns. These occur every Thursday evening.

Many staff members construct arenas and dungeons for players to attempt to reach a certain goal or prize. Admin Merc0 is well known for his next-to-impossible dungeon that he builds on each map.


Aegis PvP's build team has spent the last 5 months constructing a to-scale rendition of FF7's Midgar. Now, the ~80% finished Midgar is featured as our server's spawn.

Most of the pictures below feature Midgar.

Midgar on Kotaku








An old video, but a fantastic one nonetheless, to announce our new map. Composed by Loky93.

Please, feel free to join our server, or at least visit the website. We promise you won't be disappointed!

See you in-game!

Server IP: pvp.aegisgaming.org

Website: www.aegisgaming.org

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One of the most enjoyable servers you'll ever play on. It has the funnest (if that's even a word) community with the most caring owners and staff team I think I've ever seen. Also Aegis have several other servers if you don't like PvP. :)

This is true, we have a PvE server, a Hack/Mine server, and other non-technic servers.

See our website for our server ip's and information!

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Best server I've ever played on. <3 everything about it! If you're mature you'll love this place. + there's like 5 other servers to play on if you want a different game with the same peoples. 10/10, would recommend.

Also, Hi. :D

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This really is a great server. Fantastic community, nice and helpful staff, and a lag and downtime free server - it has everything. There are also other servers for whatever your preferred play style is, from anarchy and PvE to other mods and modpacks. By far the best server I've played on.

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Check out our other four servers too - PvE, Anarchy, Hack/Mine (With a custom coded bukkit-type modification by the name of NagaPick that allows us to import bukkit plugins), and AdventureTech (adt for short), an amazing modpack by glixyl consisting of over 50 mods including but not limited to Metallurgy, Forgotten Nature, InvTweaks, Twilight Forest, Factorization, Buildcraft, NEI, Optifine, Iron Chests, Rei's minimap... the list is endless!

Reference links:

launcher.aegisgaming.org <-- Find everything you need, including AdventureTech, here!

glixyl.wordpress.com/adventuretech/ <-- Mod list and general info!

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