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Hexxit black screens!


I've gotten back into Hexxit and I have something seriously wrong. I can launch the game just fine, and I can play for a little bit. But- as if it's completely random, the game black screens my monitor, and I can't do anything or exit out. I can't even see the logs. I'm forced to click a restart button I have on my pc. Help?

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This issue may be the result of bad hardware or overheating issues that stem from an intensive application overheating the video card (or internal GPU depending on setup) that would cause the display drivers to fail and they would have to be reloaded by the OS. If its overheating, it should be shutting off completely, in which case you would be able to tell this by the lack of a fan running. If this issue happens in other games I would most definitely assume something is wrong hardware related rather than this particular pack.

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