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Ultra-High Speed/Unlimited bandwidth pack hosting!


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Hello, my name is SealTeam06.

Many of you may know me as the creator of CTA Reloaded on the technic platform, but for those of you who don't you will now.

Many pack creators that do not want to enter the realm of solder and whatnot use 'direct' link method of setting up the modpack.

Finding a reliable and cost effective host is difficult, even more so for people with limited technical skills.

I am here to offer direct pack hosting, that uses SSD's to store your modpack DL file, unlimited bandwidth to ensure the growth of your technic pack and no modpack data limit (be sensible though).


Thats all for now -SealTeam06

Get in touch with me at:  [email protected]

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For now I plan on making the hosting free, though, I eventually plan to start charging for my services.


Once you contact me, I will set up an FTP account for you with limited storage for now (1024mb) and will monitor the data on your FTP account (only modpack zip and maybe a few exeptions).

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