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[3.1.3] Elemental Tekkit [24/7][120 Slots][TS3][PvP][EE/Patched][LWC/Factions/GP][32GB Ram]


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Hello All!


I'm here today to show you a tekkitserver that has an affinity for keeping items unbanned! As of now, there are only 3 Banned Items! And guess what? Those are all Chunk Loaders!

This is a totally awesome server! We get loads of people every day and we have an awesome staff! Everybody is friendly and a lot of people enjoy playing on this server.


Server Address:game.mcelm.com


: www.mcelm.com

TeamSpeak3: ts.mcelm.com:9988


I think the biggest thing that highlights our server, is the large degree of freedom. Normally, most tekkit servers sort of ... corral you into a corner and tell you what you can and can't do. No, with Minecraft Elemental, we take this loss of freedom and corruption very seriously. Admins who are abusing their powers can be reported and logged into a timed ban. Moderators can be punished severely for tampering with the natural order of players. I want this server to be balanced and to have the highest potential. As for player experience, I've devised several counter-defenses for normal players who don't want to get griefed for EE. First, All EE Tools are subject to the [EEPatch 3.1.3] Second, I have added several plugins such as LWC, Factions and GriefPrevention to prevent griefers from wrecking your masterpiece. And third, using TekkitRestrict, I blocked the right-click of the amulets in EE to prevent "Cobblestone shelling". Those two amulets in EE can be used even outside of a safezone and cannot be taken lightly.

With almost two months of development, TekkitRestrict has enabled me to set this server straight, Most of the dupes have been patched! (5/6) This giant leap has lead me to decide that a tekkit server with only 4 banned items was the worthy way to go, so I'm going to stick with it. I have also done some manual patches to 3.1.3 and have discovered that the server is highly stable as-of now.

List of Known worlds on this server (12 total)

  • EE-Enabled Peace World [+Nether, End] (Normal world, most go here)
  • EE-Enabled War World [+Nether, End] (Grief, kill, plunder, ect! Do whatever you want, no consequences besides the enemy faction's retribution)
  • Non-EE World [+Nether, End] (Tired of magic? Here you go! Free world where EE is completely disabled!)
  • Spawn World (Null world with several things inside)
  • Xmas Spawn World (Null world currently being created)
  • Hunger Games World (Normal World with 150-radius WorldBorder)

Up and coming?

  • Hunger Games (The third time that I have set this up, Tekkit-Style competitions)
  • Web Shop & Online Bank (Buy packages directly from the website and store all of your items online so you do not have to worry about them! This webshop also enables you to trade money for in-game money and send your money to other minecraft servers hosted under Minecraft Elemental)

Banned Items (Never going to be changed)

  • Anchor Cart
  • Teleport Tether
  • Dimensional Anchor

Donatable Items

  • World Anchor


  • Be courteous
  • Have fun
  • PVP Enabled
  • No Griefing (Except in War world)



Lake Laguna


Portable Spawn-Nether


World Teleporters




Very difficult jump puzzle




Dedicated Server

  • 32GB Ram
  • 12 Core AMD CPU (Blazing fast)
  • 2 TB Disk Space
  • RAMDisks
  • Linux

Modifications to Mods

  • EE Patch 3.1.3 Recompile
  • Railcraft Patch 3.1.3
  • IC2 Dual Patch 3.1.3 (I did this for comfort)

Plugins List

  • AfkManager
  • AutoRank (10 Different Normal Ranks!)
  • ChopTree2
  • Citizens
  • CoreProtect
  • Essentials
  • Factions
  • FancyText
  • GriefPrevention
  • Herochat
  • iConomy
  • JCVaultListener
  • LWC (Protects most Tekkit Items!)
  • MobDisguise
  • Modifyworld
  • Multiverse-Core
  • Multiverse-Inventories
  • Multiverse-NetherPortals
  • Multiverse-Portals
  • NoLagg
  • OrebfuscatorLite
  • PayDay
  • PermissionsEx
  • PluginMetrics
  • SignShop
  • Simple-AutoSave
  • SimpleAutoAnnouncer
  • SimpleRestart
  • TekkitRestrict (Developed by me, Version 1.13 Dev)
  • Votifier
  • WorldBorder
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard

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These is a pretty beast server. The fact that the owner went to the trouble of editing the protections to include the tekkit items is something many of the servers I played on have yet to do. That really pushes this server above and beyond. If you're reading these cause you're on the fence think about how many times you wished you could have a mining laser or tunnel bore just to say you've done it or cause you wanted it. Now you can!!!

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My Review of this server:


Firstly I love how there are only 4 banned items and that I can make pretty much anything I want, I have been looking for a good server and all the good EE items are banned including the philosophers stone because it makes a mess of stone houses. Secondly I like how the faction has got all of these famous youtubers in it, I walked in to the market and there was everyone in Yogscast, they were unresponsive and weren't on the player list but its just a nice thing to be on the server. There is absolutely no Lag, and there is no entirely griefed spawn like many others i have visited.


Dupes and EMC Glitches aren't fully covered for example i can double my EMC by converting everything to stone, then crafting slabs from that stone and then putting it back in the condenser since Stone is 1 EMC and Stone Slab is 1 EMC and i can make 6 Slabs from 3 Stone. I am yet to see a server that can fix these flaws.

I love this server it is always on, although there were a few times it was off but that may have been updates and there are really nice and interactive staff. I definitely recommend this server.

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More stuff to come!

I've recently opened 2 Worlds!

  1. EE-Enabled War World (Grief, kill, plunder, ect! Do whatever you want, no consequences besides the enemy faction's retribution)
  2. Non-EE World (Tired of magic? Here you go! Free world where EE is completely disabled!)

Each world comes with it's Nether and END pair.

Besides these two worlds, We're really working on the upcoming HungerGames world! I've set it up to where all of the chests only have crafting materials for most objects in the Science-based tekkit. (IC2's Weapons and armor) The world is also 300 meters across and has massive caves. I'm currently setting up all of the items that spawn in chests.

With all worlds combined, we're now hosting a bustling 12 worlds! Each world has it's own perks.

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When I first joined, I wasn't too keen on this server by the board that said "Griefing is allowed". Then a guide came and helped me, and showed me there was another world with no griefing. That made me stay, and I'm glad I stayed :)

This server has active, helpful, and friendly staff and I love being on this server :)

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