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No EU (Energy Units) flow!



Hello. I've returned to Tekkit, but after less than a week of playing, while in-game, I've been greeted by this problem: No EU is generated (at solar panels, for instance), nor transferred across cables (from a previously charged batbox to a machine, like a macerator). Only directly placing items within generators/batboxes (RE-batteries, for example) allows for transferring energy.
Measuring cables, and even solar panels during daytime results on 0 EU/t.
Naturally, I've restarted Minecraft (Technic Launcher included) several times since, to no avail.
This video demonstrates the issue:

I'll be glad to provide any additional info that may be required. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Update. Now, after posting this thread, restarting the game (not even the launcher), the EU-meter shows "signs of life" on the machines & cables. However the situation remains unchanged aside from that. Despite the solar panels getting sunlight, the batboxes don't get charged, and so on.

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