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[SOLVED] Hats GUI in custom modpack is not working.

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I have a custom modpack (actually two very similar packs, MCMinersPack and MCMinersPack Lite) in which I added the Hats mod. The Hats mod GUI will not open. (In either modpack)

I believe this is classified as an in game bug. And it happens every time attempted.

When I try to open the GUI, the screen will briefly "blink", that is, the journeymap minimap and such will disappear momentarily as if in preparation for the Hats GUI to open, and then everything goes back to normal. Also, when I kill a mob wearing a hat, I do not get a notification that should pop up telling me that I have unlocked said hat. No crashes actually happen; gameplay is practically just like the Hats mod wasn't installed, except it is.

I've tried the default keybind (H), Changing the keybind, changing all other keybinds in the pack to keys other than H; I've tried googling it but I can't seem to find a close enough related issue. the Hats mod will work in my other modpacks which have it. I've tried using iChunUtil 4.2.2 and 4.2.3. Also the packs have the Morph mod, and it uses iChunUtil, so I've tried it on 0.9.2 and 0.9.3. I am wondering if there is some mod conflict going on; but I don't see what it could be. I've tried comparing the mod lists of both MCMinersPack packs and my other packs which have Hats. I can't seem to find any inconsistencies. The Hats mod and iChunUtil should be up-to-date with the most recent 1.7.10 versions.

The modpacks are created in 1.7.10. I've been using Java 1.8.0 64-bit, and a very recent version of it. (1.8.0_121, to be specific) The versions of the mods in the packs are Hats 4.0.1 and iChunUtil 4.2.3. Also Morph version 0.9.3.

If I have not included important information, please let me know and I will include it. I have tried to comply to the rules.

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This topic is now solved. Thanks, AetherPirate!
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I tried your Lite pack, saw the same thing. I noticed that 'H' was bound to something else, so I unbound it, and it worked. I had to run to work, did not have time to kill any mobs with hats, but the GUI did come up for me after fixing the key bindings. 

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1 hour ago, AetherPirate said:

I tried your Lite pack, saw the same thing. I noticed that 'H' was bound to something else, so I unbound it, and it worked. I had to run to work, did not have time to kill any mobs with hats, but the GUI did come up for me after fixing the key bindings. 

Thank you! I appreciate your help and your prompt reply. I don't blame you for running off to work. What key bind did you find?? Maybe I missed a controls menu or something. I can probably use defaultkeys mod to make the pack come with a non-conflicting key bind. I'm just glad it's as simple as a key bind conflict!

(In my opinion: if you wish to test the mobs with hats, I recommend a creative flat world. Plenty of slimes spawn in with hats.)

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I also have figured out why I wasn't getting notifications that I unlocked hats. On creative mode, you don't unlock them, and you don't get notifications. On survival, you do. I tried being in survival mode and taking down some mobs with hats. Worked just fine! Again, I somehow managed not to fully troubleshoot my problem. I only tried killing mobs with hats in creative mode before.

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