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Tekkit (any) wont open


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First I want to apologize, that this is not about Tekkit Legend only. But I want to play it the most :D.

Second, I have a big problem. Anytime I try to play any modepack (tekkit, tekkit calssic, tekkit legends) with java 1.8.0_121, it crashes (log 1). When I try to play it with java 1.6) tekkit and tekkit clasic works, but tekkit legends need 1.7 but all three will crash with java 1.7. (log 2). What am I doing wrong?

tekkit classic log 2.log

tekkit legend log 1.log

tekkit legends log 2.log

tekkit log 1.log

tekkit log 2.log

tekkit-classic log 1.log

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