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MFE Losing power

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Hi everyone. I've come across a problem with my MFE, and after reading a few posts from people with a similar problem I have still not come up with an answer. So here goes nothing.

I recently created an MFE unit to store power from my Geothermal generator and 2 LV solar arrays. I am using the MFE to power two Rotary Macerators, two Induction Furnaces, a regular Compressor and a regular Extractor.

The connection looks like this (all connected using 1x ins Gold Cable):


The problem is this: Even though none of my machines are running, my MFE is still draining power at an alarming rate. I made sure to remove all materials from my machines, and even tried using a wrench to pick up and replace all of them. I removed all the gold cable and placed it back as well. I have tried moving the MFE while maintaining the proper order of the connections, to no effect.

In addition to this, whenever there is cable connected to the output face of the MFE and it is constantly draining, it damages me whenever I stand near the MFE.

If someone could shed a little light on the situation, I would be very grateful. I will of course supply more information if it is necessary.

*Edit*: I am using the Sphax texture pack. Sorry for any inconvenience it might cause in finding a solution.

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Did you remember to insert transformer upgrades into the rotary macerators? Some time ago there was a change where advanced machines no longer blow up on too high a current, but instead work extremely inefficiently. Sadly, it is not properly displayed ingame, and unless you read the changelog, you will not know this. So just craft a transformer upgrade for every advanced machine you use (rotary macerator, singularity compressor, centrifuge extractor), and you're set.

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Yes, give the gold wires double insulation. To avoid shock damage wires that need insulation should be insulated to the maximum for each type. You can use less insulation, and still suffer less damage that uninsulated wire, but no damage is of course preferable. :)

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