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Zedpack Version 2.1 Take A Look! [1.7.10]


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Zedpack Version 2.1 Thread Showcase:


Hi Everyone,

I am writing this post to showcase my new modpack called Zedpack,

This modpack was designed to be slightly different it takes in multiple aspects of many different mod genres such as Magic, Exploration and Technology and a few performance fixes. We've found that when you combine all of these different mods together you get a modpack that is well designed for many different people and has a much larger focal point; with that in mind we made this modpack as user friendly for groups of friends of any size, which means that your friends can all be doing incredibly different things but still have one main focus as a group! If you don't want to play with friends or can't, singleplayer is still an option and still offers the same amount of fun as mutliplayer, and in single player you can play and do things on your own accord, which appeals to the classical minecraft theme of survive against the world!

A bit more information:

It is quite difficult to start without dying but once you do, it gets really fun and rather quickly. I would suggest that if you play it, one of the first things you do is search for inventory pets; they will make your playthrough hundreds of times easier, and are configured to balance the difficulties of Advent Of Acsension and Aether II, as well as provide entertaining content throughout, the modpack is great in the fact that even when you're at end game you can use galacticraft to start the battles all over again elsewhere!

The modpack features lots of awesome Technology mods such as IC 2, Portal Gun and Security Craft, these mods are very fun to play with and if you're playing against your friends it could be even more fun, and lead to great memories between all of you. Again don't worry if you're in single player, you can fight mobs instead of your friends.



List Of Mods:

  • SecurityCraft
  • Treecapitator
  • The Aether II
  • Advent Of Acsension
  • Applied Energistics
  • Biomes O' Plenty
  • Build Craft
  • Draconic Evolution
  • Galacticraft
  • Industrial Craft Classic
  • Inventory Pets
  • Iron Chests
  • Levels
  • LootBags
  • Magical Crops
  • Malisis Doors
  • Mariculture
  • Minecraft Comes Alive
  • More Player Models
  • Not Enough Items
  • Open Blocks
  • Optifine
  • Portal Gun
  • Project E (Equivelant Exchange Classic)
  • Realistic Terrain Generation
  • Tinkers Construct
  • Thaumcraft
  • Travellers Gear
  • Waila
  • Backpacks!

If you think you might enjoythis modpack, I know you will! Then please download it and take a look, you can always uninstall the pack if you don't like, plus you'd be helping me out greatly by taking a look! If you do like this modpack please share it with your friends and tell others about it, it'll really help me out!


Technic Link: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/zedpack-v10.1069879


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