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Platform & Forum Account Deletion Requests

Lord Ptolemy

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If you're looking to have your Technic Platform or Forum account deleted you can request their deletion by following the instructions below:


Table of Contents

1. Technic Platform Account

2. Technic Forum Account

3. Frequent Issues & Answers


Technic Platform Account

1. Login into your platform account at https://www.technicpack.net/login

2. Click on your profile picture in the top right of the window


3. Click on the button called "Report User" 


4. For the "Report Reason" select "Other reason (Describe in detail in below box)" in the dropdown.

5. For the "Describe the problem " write "I request that my Technic platform account be deleted."



Technic Forum Account

1. Login into your forum account at https://forums.technicpack.net/login/

2. Click on the "Reply to this topic" button in the top right of this thread.

3. In the reply box write "I request that my Technic forum account be deleted."

4. Click on the "Submit Reply" button to the bottom right of the box.


Note: Your deletion request will be processed at the end of the month.


Frequent Issues & Answers

1. I don't have access to my X account, but still want my account deleted.

Until you have access to your account there's nothing that can be done.


2. I want both of my accounts deleted.

Then follow both sets of instructions.


3. I submitted a request for my Forum account to be deleted through the Platform, why hasn't it been deleted!?

Follow the instructions again. Forum account deletion requests are to be made in this thread. Requests made through the Platform are ignored since Platform and Forum accounts are separate. We can't easily verify ownership between them.


4. I submitted a request for my Platform account to be deleted through the Forum, why hasn't it been deleted!?

Follow the instructions again. Platform account deletion requests are to be made through the report feature on the Platform. Requests made through the Forum are ignored since Platform and Forum accounts are separate. We can't easily verify ownership between them.


5. I want my X account restored after having it deleted!

That's not possible. Make a new account.

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