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Technic Launcher Won't Install, Keeps Crashing (Mac)



I installed the TechnicLauncher.jar file, and I have Java on my Mac, but whenever I go to install it, I believe what happens is it crashes. When I first open the installer it shows me the window to install, and then when I click install, it closes out. Every time I open the file after that, it opens, then closes, then opens again for a bit longer, and then closes. I can't really pinpoint what's wrong, can someone help me out?

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Hi! I was having this same exact issue, but I now have it fixed.

When opening the technic launcher I didn't have java yet. A window popped up sending me to safari with java downloads and so of course I downloaded the one for mac. I began having the same issue as you. After messing around and trying numerous things I simply deleted java. I went to safari, typed java, it did the whole "we recommend this for your mac" thing and I downloaded it. No issues since! Not sure if this helps at all but it's worth a shot - here's the link: https://www.java.com/en/download/mac_download.jsp

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