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Modpack only starts in Vanilla


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I have a very common problem and read many different topics about it, but nothing helped me.
So I want to create a little modpack to share it with some friends, but the modpack always starts Vanilla.

I tried to compress the folders with 7zip and WinRar, but nothing worked.
The modpack is downloaded correctly.

Here is the link to the page of my modpack (It's not shown so you have to install it over the url) https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/stalincrafts-modpack.1717127
Maybe you find the problem and help me!

Thank you for your help!

I think the documentation should be updated, it's wrong.

So I found this topic from yesterday solving my problem: 


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Ya most guides for 1.12.2 are outdated because forge made changes to how it gets installed for newer versions, 1.13+, but then several months later released 3 updates for 1.12.2 that also had the new method of installing. However the 3 versions released (2851, 2852 and 2854) do not contain any changes to forge, they only contain changes to the license and build scripts, as can be found on the github. For whatever reason forge then updated the recommended version to 2854, despite being no actual changes from 2847, hence why so many guides are outdated.

As for any guides on technic, well frankly its unacceptable that after many weeks and dozens of issues being posted regarding it, they still have not updated any official postings/guides, at least not that I'm aware of.

Glad you were able to find a similar thread and resolve it yourself, many users do not search for previous threads and thus me, and others who help out, usually keep posting the same response several times per day :D

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