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Recent Group & Permission Overhaul

Lord Ptolemy

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Hello all,

As part of an ongoing effort to update, streamline, and improve the forum. You may have recently noticed some changes to your: groups, ranks, and permissions. Those of you with the New Member rank have had several restrictions applied to your accounts. They're as follows:

  • Reduced storage allotment for attachments.
  • Reduced PM storage allotment.
  • Reduced number of PM participants.
  • Reduced to 1 reaction per day.
  • Limited to a small number of pre-approved websites you can link.
  • Unable to advertise or reply to an advertisement. [1]
  • Unable to edit your posts [2]

1. Restriction is lifted after posting once in any other section.
2. Restriction is lifted after 24 hours.

We have implemented these restrictions to help us reduce and deter spam and other forms of abuse. After 15 valid posts(subject to change), they will be lifted automatically. Unfortunately, you will not be notified of this occurring; however, we're looking into potentially having an automated PM sent to you.

If you encounter an issue with this new setup, please respond to this topic or send a PM to @Lord Ptolemy so it can be investigated and resolved.

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