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Where can I learn Voltz Basics?


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You can always check out the wiki at: http://voltzwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page

We are trying to fill it up as quickly as possible. Try to start with the Coal Generator, an Battery Box and an Electric Furnace. The Voltz mod pack is quite new for a lot of people. That means not a whole lot is documented yet. We are getting there though! Dont hesitate to ask questions here!

The thing most people stumble upon is that the Copper Wire takes 6 Leather instead of 6 Wool. So try to get some Wheat and Cow's and get farming!

Railcraft even has a Feed Station to help you with the feeding a bit ! ;)

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I have been playing around with Voltz and a starting to love it. I do recommend that you start and try to automate a cow farm as soon as possible. you will also need tons of iron and tin and for some reason I keep getting stacks and stacks of copper too. I have fond that your first goal for a machine should be an Enrichment Chamber because it acts like the IC2 Macerator! This means, however, that you will need a Metallurgic Infuser to make refined steel an also maybe and electric furnace. to power this the only starting machine you can make easily is the Coal Generator I think but if you have the resources why not go for a fancier generator. I have not mooved past Coal power yet but I am excited to use the Bio Gen, Heat Gen and other things as well.

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