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How To Maintain A Public Server?


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The new Tekkit Lite seems really cool, especially with the extra 20 mods in it! I own a Tekkit server, and when I found out that Tekkit Lite has not but Bukkit included, I was kinda disappointed.

The reasons I was disappointed, was because I like running a public Tekkit server, and nowadays 20% of the Minecraft community are griefers.

So, I posted here to see if it is possible to add some anti-grief functionality into Tekkit Lite. What I mean is like spawn protection, so once you come into the protected region, it will have a greeting, and when you leave it will have a farewell. A little bit like WorldGuard.

On Bukkit servers the professional ones, have a plugin called "LogBlock", you may be aware of this already, but what it does is logs all block changes. I know there is a way to do this in Forge Essentials, but am not quite sure. I have an SQL server, so there is no problem about that. If you know please reply and tell me how. :D

If a Tekkit developer sees this thread, I have a couple of questions.

1. Do you plan on keeping all Bukkit-Tekkit builds on Tekkit Classic and never make Tekkit Lite, Bukkit?

2. In the future will Tekkit Lite include Bukkit?

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You can completely forget about forge ever supporting bukkit officially ever again as the bukkit devs have officially put a end to that ever happening. However their is a unofficial port of forage to bukkit but that is not going to be maintained or updated nor does it have support for many mods. In other words it is a lost cause as it is pointless with out mod support and those to maintain it. Which before you ask the tenhnic devs already have too much on their plate to even think about undertaking something of that magnitude.

In short it is best to completely forget about ever being able to use bukkit and its plugins again. Instead it is best to look forward to the many forge mods being worked on to copy most of what made bukkit so great. For example forge essentials which adds a lot of the basic server protections and tools that we once had with bukkit.

For the time being if your running a large public server it is best to avoid tekkit light as well as FTB until there are more server management mods. The only alternative is to convert the server to a private white listed one or deal with the griefers.

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Last I checked you could or they were still working on that as it is still in alpha but their are other older projects like fihgus. But that one was designed for people who did not want to use bukkit so may be limited in areas.

Edit: Just checked their documentation and here is the list of commands and functionsin the mod currently. Looks like they have yet to release the permission system and area protection parts of the mod.

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