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Modular Forcefield Systems?

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The modpack has been updated to 1.4.6 and IC2 plus most of its addons are available in Tekkit Lite, I'd like to know what happened to all the forcefield systems?

This is the one missing modpack keeping me from switching my server over to tekkit lite, we never even used half of the stuff in Tekkit Classic apparently and being able to play on Minecraft 1.4.6 will help solve lots of issues... not to mention better versions of optifine.

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Yanno looking at how all this has played out, while I'm more than aware we're not owed an explanation for anything, I think it would go a long way for some representative of the Technic team to explain why some mods made the cut for Tekkit Lite and some did not.

But since they haven't I'll explain why this one did not.

Quoted directly from the MFFS thread on the IC Forums

Modular Force Field System Policy regarding ModPacks

just ask before you add to you ModPack.

not allowed in paid ModPacks..download over AdFly is for me paid




I'm afraid to say the MC Modding Community is about as depressing a community as it can get in this kind of regard. Skyrims got well over 15000 mods available for it, quite a few of them more technically and artistically challenging than anything MC could ever dream of achieving and no one in the Skyrim Modding community is DEMANDING some method of recompense for their work. Donations are allowed and accepted, but theres none of this adfly....no one can DL my mod any other way cause I won't get paid crap.

Saddening really. Modding isn't a job, its what you do to show the game industry that you have the chops to get a real job.

So yeah, anyways, thats why MFFS didn't make it into Tekkit Lite. Feel free to install it privately, if you like, to ensure Thunderdark is paid for his time, if you can get it to work with Forge.

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<stuff about adfly and modding community (which isn't entirely false)>

I think you may be misinterpreting Thunderdark's little policy thing there. It reads to me like he doesn't want other people making money off his work, rather than he doesn't want it in modpacks because he'll lose something. Not to mention he doesn't even have any adfly links in his mod post.

Not that any of that stuff matters though since we weren't using Thunderdark's MFFS. We were using Immibis's. And now that's Advanced Repulsion Systems. Which we have.

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Voltz uses the ThunderDark version of MFFS just fine, they simply went with Immibis' version for Tekkit lite most likely because it is what tekkit users are familiar with. ThunderDark's MFFS on the other hand works rather well with Universal Energy, so they went with it for Voltz.

On a related note, I found out that adding MFFS by TD to the Tekkit Lite pack does not seem to work. The link cards will work for Advanced Repulsion machines, but not the MFFS ones.

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