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[0.5.2]ZodiacCraft[PvE, Building, Survival][24/7][32gb][30slots][Whitelist][Custom Modpack]

Darren Jones

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New Mods Added. Backpack, BWG3, BigTrees, And Millenaire. Updated pack here. http://tinyurl.com/d62ohh4

If the launcher doesnt download it, ill remind you again. Turn off your firewall and any antivirus program you have on. That includes Windows Defender. Also run the launcher as administrator.

If it still does not work. You can try 2 things.

1. Download my modpack and upload it to your mediafire, then put that link in your launcher.

2. Download my modpack and place those folders into the appropriate spots in your tekkit lite.

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NAME: ethanburger


reason: I need a server because its no fun nuking things that I made. Kidding, I just want to build and create with someone else and also I get lonely on single player worlds. *Sniff*

I am a good builder, and have been playing tekkit for a long time, and minecraft since indev. I would love to join a server with a whitelist so there isn't a chatbar full of noobs who don't know how to make a workbench.



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Name: Fatpaychecks

Age: 18

Reason: I'm switching from Tekkit Classic to Tekkit Lite, so I thought this would be a great server to start! I am an exterior builder with specialization on modern urban/industrial architecture, but I have experience with medieval Middle Eastern architecture- I have a portfolio-in-progress if you would like to see my work. I would contribute much to the server in terms of building and being a friendly part of the server community.

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You Have To Go To Settings The Select Manually Asign Build Then Select The One Under The 1.4.7 Then Add The Mods Manually

In the custom zip spot in the settings an do I put the new one With the old one or does the new one have all the mods you will need please reply and help me on any why that you can. Also did you turn off your anti virus program


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1. click the link http://tinyurl.com/aw5dzne

2. open your browsers download folder. if you have firefox you do this by ctrl+j

3. open the zip that says modpackv1. You will need 7zip, winzip, or winrar for this. If you dont, google that shit.

4. open up your start menu, assuming you have windows. If not, i have no clue.

5. type run, start run. in run type in %appdata%. hit enter.

6. open the folder that says techniclauncher

7. open the folder that says tekkitlite.

8. bring the modsv1 back up.

9. click and drag those 3 folders in there to the tekkitlite window that you opened in step 7.

10. it will ask you to merge. say yes. start tekkitlite. play

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May I get Whitelisted to this server please? I played Tekkit Lite for a couple of days now and getting the hang of it. I also been on other servers and now i'm looking for another server due to the fact they are now no longer online...

Edit: IGN name is SomeGuy1994

Age: 18

Name: David

Reason: As I mentioned before and this server already sounds neat from this forum.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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