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[0.5.2]ZodiacCraft[PvE, Building, Survival][24/7][32gb][30slots][Whitelist][Custom Modpack]

Darren Jones

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Reason:Its hard to find good servers that are whitelisted because most of then i get griefed on and ive alway's hated griefers on servers and i loves to build my huge projects + this servers name is epic.

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Name: Jon

IGN: chilller6

Age: 16

Reason: Always wanted to join a `building` server but never gotten around to try and find one. My intentions are to gather a group of people and build an extensive "Dwarven" Empire underground with the entrance on the side of a mountain with RedPower frame doors to open it. :D

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Name: Simon

IGN: Simcra

Age: 17

Reason: Less than six months ago I was a real Tekkit player, I had more than 7 servers that I was active on and I enjoyed messing around with all of the extra features that it contains, I would like to play on this server for a couple of reasons; firstly I have not yet really experimented with the new Tekkit Lite image, secondly I had a look at this forum thread and saw that there were people on the server which convinced me that this server actually has players and thirdly as of yet I have not found a good Tekkit Lite server, hopefully your server can accommodate me as I've had lots of experience with the mod variety Tekkit contains and custom modpacks also.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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