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[0.5.2]ZodiacCraft[PvE, Building, Survival][24/7][32gb][30slots][Whitelist][Custom Modpack]

Darren Jones

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IGN: DTjojo

Age: 17

Reason: Still looking for a peaceful, social server to build a nice little factory and then interact with other people. This server looks really good.

Note: If I like the server I'd like to invite some of my friends, if that's okay.

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IGN - Ziibez

Age - 19

Any more? - Just wanting a good TekkitLite server to play on. I've become established on a few but they seem to be having troubles/no long online :-(, I just need a nice server to play as it seems to run better than SSP... I also prefer servers as I can talk to people and when I have the time, patience and resources I sometimes help people... Sometimes.

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Server Update: With the new custom modpack option for the technic launcher. I will be taking out Mystcraft and will be taking suggestions for mods that the users would like to see added. Obviously not every suggested mod will be put in.

But i will take them under consideration.

Please provide the name of the mod, a link to its website/download, as well as a brief description of the mod.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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