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[0.5.2]ZodiacCraft[PvE, Building, Survival][24/7][32gb][30slots][Whitelist][Custom Modpack]

Darren Jones

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In-game Name: LordofBiscuits

Age: 21

I'd like to join this server mainly because I'm not already a part of one. It seems like the best choice out of any that are listed in the tekkit lite server list, and it seems to be well-liked from what little I've read from these posts. I also like the mods you currently have in the modpack and am excited about the news mods that you're thinking of adding. Thank you for reading and I look forward to an acceptance or rejection response.

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Please keep checking this post for updates, and let others know of the changes. Until the modpack is finished, the current server will stay up.

Once the modpack is finished, i will shutdown that one and bring a new one up with a new map.

A fresh start. No creative, just survival.

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Okay finally finished testing all the mods. Now i just have to set up the modpack. Will take a while.

Heres a list of the mods currently accepted and are either in or im working on putting them in.

Asgard Shield, Multimine, Backpacks, Balkons Weapons, Better Farming, Better Furnace, Better Storage, Castle Defenders, Chainz, Chest Transporter, CustomMobSpawner, TreeCapitator, ExtraWorld Gen, Forge, Forge Essentials, Gregs Blocks, Highlands, Inkmaster, Matmos, ChatBubbles, Millenaire, MobSpawnControls, Creepers No Creeping, More Village Biomes, Pams Simple Recipes, Reis Minimap, Obsidia, Sophisticated Wolves, Thirst, and World State Checkpoints.

Now here is a list of the mods ive test, but not sure if i want to keep them or not. That will be up to vote.

Ancient Warfare, Ropes +, Clay Soldiers, Desired Blocks, Extended Workbench, MoreMeat 2, Invasion, Middleaged, Jammy Furniture, Minecraft Comes Alive, More Fences, More Health, RealWeather and RealTime, Thaumcraft, Underground Biomes, Usefool Food, and Witches & More.

Some are higher on the list of making it in, while others not so much.

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Server will be going down every now and then while i test mods. while i configure and install the new mods. Should be fully up tomorrow. With most of the mods. I hope.

The modpack that will be used can be downloaded her.

Just put that link into the mod options. OR you can manually download it and put those folders in the custom1 folder under techniclauncher. In appdata.

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