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[0.5.2]ZodiacCraft[PvE, Building, Survival][24/7][32gb][30slots][Whitelist][Custom Modpack]

Darren Jones

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Username: Elreydenada.

Age: 19.

My reason: It's been a while since I experimented being new to a server and I've been playing with the Tekkit mods on my own for a while too, so I would like to be able to share what I can do to new people and also learn new stuff from those people.

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I would Greatly Appreciate being whitelisted on your server. This is for many reasons. 1. A Buddy of mine and I love playing tekkit together, and love Small, but Promising Communities who do not tolerate griefing. We absolutely HATE griefers, and in the long run of our Tekkit-ing days, we get griefed or something happens with our combustion engine system (We figured out the problem now, so don't worry about that blowing anything up), or we simply get looted and hated on. This server has the type I love playing on, in a sense that it is all about building and me and my friend aren't good Vanilla Minecraft builders normally, but in tekkit we can make some awesome Buildings with wiring that looks amazing, and machines all over the place with pipes pumping in ores from quarries miles away, and its a beautiful sight to see. (Don't worry about quarry holes, after I will put back some smooth stone with a filler).

Forgot about the format! Sorry!

My Name: Bruce

Friend's name: Evan

IGN: TellYourGirlThx

Friend IGN: ejm01

My Age: 17

Friend Age: 13 (Odd Combo, but he's cool)

Our Reason: Listed above :3

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ign = BruteGryphon0

age = 17

reason = im good at tekkit and really like to build but dont get a chance to build because someone nuked it if i was gone for a sec or got killed or in an instant my hole building belongs to someone else because of lockette.and i hope i can build all my buildings on this server.

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Name: Dominique

IGN: Adt2Mc

Age: 27

Reason: Looking for an epic long term server to join, and hopefully become part of a team to help others and to ensure a nice and fun and "safe" experience where everybody can join and have fun

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Name: TheyCallMeGunny

Age: 24

Reason: Playing between friends has gotten to be pretty desolate. 3 players in a server simply is not enough for extended play. I don't grief, I just like playing survival and maintaining my own little 'empire.'

Have a few youtube/twitch videos to show that I play as anyone should, no griefing or retarded antics: Just try to always make an epic e-home one step at a time.

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