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SMP items to ban


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On my SMP server we've started coming across some exploits and items that crash the server. I thought it might be a good idea start a list us admins can use as a general knowledgbase of what to restrict or watch for.

Post anything you find here and I'll add them to the list

Items to ban:

CraftPacket Table 2050:2 (will make the server unusable upon use. Chat will work but no world functionality will work forcing a manual server restart. Was tested 3 times)

CraftPacket Stamper 2050:3 (well without the table, the stamper is useless...doesn't really *need* to be banned but might as well)


Blaze rods are still exploitable. Macerate one to make 5 blaze dusts. 2 blaze dusts with transmute to a new blaze rod. Allows for unlimited fuel source

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Is there a easy way of banning items? I've tried changing Block ID's, but if i am to ban the Crystal chest in the ironchests mod, i change the Block id for 181 to 0 or something, causing all other chests in the mod to be banned as well.

I wish to have all chests except the Crystal chest.

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I'm pretty sure the stamper is necessary to make diamond shards, and the packet itself can be done on a crafting table. So you should not ban it if you want wrath lamps or upgraded barrels.

As for easily removing items, you should install Recipe Remover 1.1

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Thanks for this information on the server crashing. Because of some recent updates, does it still occur?

Out of curiosity, why are are you removing the crystal chests?

I've run into an issue where if a player breaks the chest, half the items dissapear and that's only happened twice to the players on my server.

As far as the blaze rod infinite fuel, that is interesting to note. I will make sure that nobody's running around doing that.

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