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Not Using much CPU Power


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Hello, I was not entirely sure what category this thread belonged in, so I'm just putting it here since I play Tekkit Lite the most.

Basically, I'm getting a really choppy framerate. That means, anywhere between 40-80 at any given moment, and it's getting quite obnoxious.

My CPU only uses like 25% of its power MAX. This is while hosting and playing Tekkit Lite.

GPU never goes above 20% utilization.

PC Specs:

Windows 8 64 bit

AMD FX 8350 8 Core 4.0GHz

XFX HD 7850 DD

8GB RAM, I think at 1600 clock speed

updated 64 bit Java

What do?

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Install OptiFine and set performance to Max FPS, and try going into the ATI Catalyst Control Center and disable "Threaded Optimization" or "OpenGL Triple Buffering", the name differs per person for some reason.

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Are you using any texture packs? I have a pretty decent machine and still get low FPS when using high-end texture packs.

If that's your case, try the default look and see if it solves your problem. You can then try other texture packs with lower resolution until you find a fit.

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Im getting 80-120 on Tekkit Lite with an E6300 and 250GTS. There are times when the alpha blending will kill it, but that is because the quarry frames, monument markers (for setting the quarry area), or even the fog. Under these instances I'll bottom out at 12.

If you're getting 40 to 80, I really wouldnt complain unless its accompanied by 10fps spike drops. Texture packs and a few other additions cause variations in lag.

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