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Solar panels not working


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Solar panels dont produce a lot of energy so you have to make them really close if you use copper wire, i think the top one could be too far away. Make sure the dot is facing the correct way on the bat box, the dot is the output, you can change this by hitting it on the desired side with a bronze wrench

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The Batbox probably has the dot on top. The dot is the output. Try using the Wrench made of Bronze to rotate the dot.

Also, you need to use either Ultra Low-Current Cable or move the other solar panels closer, or the EU loss in that Copper Cable will make the 1 EU disappear completely.

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Idiot of the year award goes to me... I feel so stupid. I first had them to far away so I moved them closer and some how I managed to turn the bat box round the wrong way...As I have used this mod before I feel super stupid. Thank you!

It happens bro, we're all human.

Might I suggest using the Ultra-Low-Current cable if you're first starting out with just panels and not arrays. It has a much lower rate of loss (1 eu over 40 blocks) versus copper (1 eu over 5 blocks). It's also much cheaper until you have stockpiled a good bunch of panels. You wont need the copper cable until you start using things like vanilla generator, or geothermal.

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