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Merged Voltz&Tekkitlite but would like autoturrets.


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Hey guys i am new to the forum and i am unsure if my post belongs here.

I have played tekkit now named tekkitclassic for a looooooooooong time with my friends. After the new update we decided to played tekkitlite with mc1.4.7. We were also playing Voltz and enjoyed them both very much so my merged them and they are running on tekkitlite.

However i was wondering if there is another mod with has automated defence turrets like in the turret mod which could be also merged onto our Voltz&tekkitlite server and client. i can only find a turretmod that uses 1.2.5 which i doubt will be compatible with 1.4.7.

Here is a quick run down of what we have on our server

Tekkitlite v0.5.7|1.4.7 merged with Voltz v1.0.11|1.4.7

Its great as it has all aspects of our beloved tekkit on an updated version of MC minus the bullcrap easymode of EExchange and all the benefits of Voltz.

However can anyone assist me on finding a compatible automated turret mod which i can merge onto these other great mods.

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