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How to completely disable redpower 2?


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I'm working on a custom modpack based off of Tekkit Lite. I'm having crashes on startup that look like block conflicts with Redpower 2. It's completely non-sensical. When I try to remove Redpower 2 from the mods directory so I can get into the game and get a NEI printout of everything, FML gives an error:

"Forge Mod Loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation. The mods and versions listed below could not be found

RedPowerLogic: any" (this changes depending on what part of redpower I delete)

What do I need to do?

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The mod conflict wasn't obvious. I ended up removing every dependency on RP2, and adding things back. At some point I started having random errors again. I have given up on my nefarious plan to start to combine two competing modpacks using the Tekkit launcher as a private modpack.

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Well, what I'd done for my customized modpack was take the entire mindcrack mod, bludgeon it so that it would download, update, and run through the Technic Launcher, and I had almost gotten that to work well enough that I could add everything in Tekkit Lite that wasn't currently in the Mindcrack pack. . .

Then Redpower 2 messed up. What I had was vanilla Minecrack modified so that it was loading through the Technic launcher. Without RP2, my terribly evil plan was working. With it, I hit an error. So I've switched launchers for the time being and have done a slightly less convenient way of handing a modpack out. It'd be epic (hilarious) if the Technic launcher had the ability to handle FTB modpacks though.

I think most people who play these modpacks understand the 'moar mods, moar ways to do cool things, moar is better' mindset. However, because of the animosity between the modpacks I figured loading a FTB pack into the Technic Launcher was going to be controversial enough to piss off both groups.

However, I'm still game to try to get my 'Feed The Tekkit Beast' Frankenpack working through the Technic launcher...and post up step by step exactly how I did it but only if I can get help with the inevitable errors I have.

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