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Who has the best profile photo?


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Im sorry Lethosos but u are not koalafied to know that info... so now i shall pick up your pandoras box avatar and throw it into the deep blue sea...

That's fine, I know a few Dagonians who'll get my head back to me.

That is, if you can pry it off my golem body.

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I don't speak for everyone here but I think its safe to say most here aren't, well we don't think like that... Sorry. I had a friend into that stuff and well, It didn't turn out well and I just get the creeps when I hear that kind of thing...

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True, I had almost forgotten about Iron Man 3 coming... If you could incorperate some GLaDOS into there, you would have the perfect robotic trifecta of awesome robotacle-ness!

(And luke, I'm sorry if I disturbed/offended you. IRL, I'm actually one of the more religious (Christian) people you'll find in the world.)

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