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Who has the best profile photo?


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srsly though, just read the words in my pic and then look at the stuff in the background

"Wow, a 2 years old meme that has been overused in every part of the Internet and is a notebook example of using the meme. So kewl."

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Sigh, look at me. I am creepy enough to let you crap your pants if I come to attack you and two, I come from the future.

Pfft. On another forum, there's a guy with a floating, robotic skull. With make-up applied to look like a hooker.

I think he trumps your Terminator.

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This one aIiQyoh.png

For some stupid reason the forum wont let me have it... :(

What do you mean, won't let you have it? Is it too big? You should be able to just scale it down. Otherwise, it might be that you're trying to use an imgur album link as a single picture link. Most sites don't like those.

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