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[➊●➏●➍] The Saturn Server [Survival, PvP][Economy][Technolution 4]

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Please follow the steps in this thread if you're new to Technic:


Already know how to install modpacks? Connect through the Technolution Modpack


The Saturn Server started out in June 2012 as a Tekkit 2 server on a spare PC I had at home, quickly the amount of people outgrew my poor old PC and now, more than a year later, I'm the proud owner of this professional server, running it's very own modpack: Technolution. :)

All the experience with server management has helped me make the server as it is today.

Ranks, permissions, plugins, settings, everything is tweaked to fit the Saturn Server.

The Saturn Server has a great community with a lot of fine people, we are always looking to make new friends and welcome them into our community.

The server is running on a 32GB dedicated system backed by a Intel Xeon E3 3.3GHz Processor and Raid SSD Drives. Everything is connected through a 200Mbit connection.


The Saturn Server is proud to be one of the few custom modpack servers without a whitelist or application, anyone can join and experience the amazing fun to be had here.

We also have a close-to-zero downtime percentage, just 4 restarts a day to optimize server performance. The Saturn Server's staff is always friendly and always willing to help other players in need. Players are invited to join our public Teamspeak server to chat with the staff and other players.


The modpack is called 'Technolution'. It has modern expansions at it's core but it expands upon vanilla Minecraft in almost every way possible, not just machines. We have more food, a tweaked hunger system, better player and mob animations, magic, automation, new technology, interesting new mobs and a whole lot more! Technolution provides players with a challenge: surviving will be difficult; food is hard to come by and mobs are relentless. Do you have it in you to survive? Come find out!


Our main goal is to provide a lag-free, friendly and welcoming place to enjoy all the wonders of Minecraft and the Technolution modpack. We also aim to create an awesome community of people who love to play games together.

Actually, it all boils down to this: We want you to have fun!




Server IP:

TeamSpeak: ts3.saturnserver.org

Website: saturnserver.org

Modpack: technicpack.net/modpack/details/technolution.50058

Modpack Wiki: technolution.wikia.com


1. No griefing, stealing or raiding

2. PVP only outside towns and public areas

3. Obey the staff, they're the law

4. No verbal abuse or harassment of any kind

5. Do not ask for items, ranks or creative mode

6. No spamming or advertizing in public chat

7. Always have fun!

The full rule documentation can be found here:



This is what our spawn currently looks like.


  • Nuke
  • Mining Laser
  • Dynamite
  • Crystal chest
  • Vajra
  • Bathtub

The full list of blacklisted items and their reasons can be found here:



  • ArenaSpleef
  • AutoRank
  • BattleArena
  • BetterBroadcast
  • Chestshops
  • Enjin Minecraft Plugin
  • Essentials
  • GroupManager
  • HawkEye
  • LagMeter
  • MultiVerse - Core
  • MultiVerse - Portals
  • MultiVerse - Inventories
  • PlayerHeads
  • Survival Games
  • TekkitCustomizer
  • Towny
  • Vault
  • Votifier
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard


We use a timed ranking system, meaning that your are ranked up by playing on the server for a set amount of time.

Newcomer: The default rank. Everyone who joins the server is given this rank.

Member: After 3 hours on the server, you will be promoted to Member. You can make nations and get a nickname for yourself.

Trusted: 24 hours are needed for this rank. You can now add colors to your nickname.

Loyal: A full 100 hours and you have proven to be loyal to the server.

Veteran: A real veteran has spend over 250 hours on the server.

Honored: It shows extreme dedication when you spend 1000+ hours on the server, you've earned this.

These special ranks below are not unlocked based on playtime.

VIP: Donating to the server gives you this rank. (different VIP ranks available)

Jr.Mod: You can submit an application for this rank on my website. This purpose of this rank is to see if you have what it takes to be a moderator on the server and does not have all the commands of a full moderator.

Moderator: You have proven to be capable of performing the duties of a full moderator.

Admin: Your dedication to the server has been admirable and you are worthy of this special title.

Owner: The one and only true master of the server.


Owner: Ionaru

Admins: SmileWithSims_1, Lmaster45RFireDark

Moderators: Buzzlee01, Ajinfinity, BabyGirl701, KingYazdegerd, Hesperian2

Applying for a staff position is possible at http://saturnserver.org/recruitment.


A few of the many player-owned shops


Orange Lemon (NL), 32GB Dedicated System

Server location: The Netherlands


I hope to see you on the server!

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/sethome, saves your current location as your home
/rules, displays the server rules
/motd, shows the server's motd
/afk, sets your status as 'afk'
/money, /balance, displays your money
/pay [player] [amount], used to pay money to other players
/helpop, sends a message to staff members
/ar check, check the time you spend on the server
/tell, /m, /msg [player] [message], sends a private message to a player
/mail, displays commands to send in-game mails to players (useful when players are offline)

/spawn, Teleport to spawn
/tpa [player], Send a teleport request to another player
/tpahere [player], Ask a player to teleport to your location
/town spawn, Teleport to the defined spawnpoint of the town you are in
/town outpost [number], Teleport to the said outpost
/home, Teleport to the point you saved as your home
/back, Return to your last position

/town new [name], Create a town with the name you chose, takes ¢250 from your money
/town add [player], Invite a player to your town
/town rank add [player] assistant, Promote a player to town assistant
/town claim, Claim a plot (chunk) for your town
/plot forsale [price], /plot claim, Set plots in your town for sale for your residents to claim
/resident friend add [name], Allow a player to build in the plot you claimed
/town mayor, Displays town mayor commands
/nation new [name], Create a nation with the name you chose, takes ¢5000 from your money
/town spawn, Teleport to the defined spawnpoint of the town you are in
/towny prices, Displays the current prices for a town, nation and their upkeep
/town ?, /towny ?, /nation ?, /resident ?, Display other commands

How do I make a town/corporation/faction/guild?
You can make a town by gathering up ¢250 (ingame currency), then using the command /t new [Name]. A full documentation on towny commands can be found here:

How do I get money to make a town?
You earn money various ways, you can:
- Collect items or blocks and sell them in the market area.
- Vote for the server on server-list websites (link on our main webpage).
- Buy one of the donation kits that comes with in-game cash.

I don`t want to be on my own, are there any towns I can join?
Certainly! There are many towns made by players, whom you can ask to join. They may not accept you though, and don't harass them about joining.

Alright, I’m in a town now, how do I protect my stuff?
All blocks in a town are automatically protected against outsiders. Residents of a town can also claim town plots for their own, only the said resident can build or destroy on that plot.

Someone just killed me, and he’s not giving my stuff back, help!
This is a Player versus Player (PvP) server, this is normal. Please do not constantly fill chat with requests about getting your items back, most players will not return the items.

I need help, who can I contact?
If you just have a simple player dispute, try to resolve it with that player. Otherwise, you can describe the situation to a
(junior) moderator (players with the (light) green [Mod] tag). If it’s a more severe issue, look into contacting an admin (they have cyan [Admin] tags).

I have more questions, what do I do?
Ask them in-game if they’re just general game questions, or if it’s a more detailed inquiry, feel free to ask on the forums.

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Quick-start guide is out of date.



Welcome to the Saturn Server! This guide aims to help new players settle down and protect their items and land.

Part one: Spawn

The spawn is a safe zone, hunger will not decay and you are invincible to any and all damage. While here, you can enjoy a number of minigames and look for items in the market area. A notification will be given when you leave the protected spawn area. It is advised to wait for morning before you go out of the spawn area.

Part two: Night-time

First thing you should do is to find a good place to build. Your best bet is to travel 1000+ blocks away from spawn. Avoid sprinting and jumping as much as possible; food will be scarce. Remember to hunt animals and grab some seeds from grass on your way. Found a good spot? Good. Use the stone tools you spawned with to mine out a small dwelling underground. This will be your shelter for now. Don't go outside at night or you'll risk getting overrun by a horde of mobs and losing your items.

Part Three: Hunger

Next up is food. You are most likely starving at this point, let's get you sorted with something to eat.

Hunger decays quickly and will give you negative effects when almost depleted. But health regeneration kicks in at a lower hunger level. Always keep an eye on your hunger level and avoid sprinting and jumping whenever possible. Being low on health

You might have noticed the tool-tip below most foods by now, it stands for the amount of hunger the food gives.

Here are a few of them:

Morsel, 1/2 hunger.

Snack, 1 hunger.

Light meal, 2 hunger.

Meal, 3 hunger.

Wholesome meal, 4 hunger.

There are many new ways to fill your tummy in Technolution, for instance: sheep and squids drop meat; new seeds to farm and trees can have crops.

Zombie flesh is always poisonous, try to make zombie jerky instead.

Zombie jerky is a light meal and will heal 2 hunger, here's how to craft it:


Materials needed:

1 Iron, 1 stick and 1 plank for a cutting board (re-usable)

1 Zombie flesh and 1 piece of salt. Salt is commonly found in stone deposits.

Another good source of food is by farming and harvesting crops. Going through some grass can give you a wide variety of seeds. But note: plants and crops (with the exception of pumpkins and melons) will not grow underground by torchlight, they need direct sunlight to grow.

Part Four: Tools

You might have noticed that the normal recipes for iron tools don't work, this is because they have been changed by Gregtech. To craft Iron tools, you will need Iron plates, a hammer and a file. A hammer is make out of 6 refined iron ingots and a stick, refined iron is made by putting iron ingots in a furnace.


Next you will need refined iron plates for the file, you can put 2 refined iron ingots below the hammer to make one refined iron plate, 2 of those with a stick makes an iron file.


The hammer and file are used in several crafting recipes, but they are not consumed in the crafting process and can be re-used.

With the hammer and file, you can now craft iron tools.


Iron armor is crafted with a hammer.




Remember: NEI is your best friend. You can look up almost any crafting recipe in NEI.

With these iron tools, you'll be able to defend yourself against mobs, but don't get too confident, they might swarm you!

Part Five: Towns

The server-plugin Towny is used for protection on the server, it's important to learn how to use it.

A town is essentials to protect yourself against griefers and mobs, as mobs despand in town-territory, they will pose no threat inside your town. All the blocks, chests and machines inside towns are protected against modification by people that are not part of your town, your items will be completely safe.

To create a town, you will need 250 credits. To get the money you can either sell items in the market area, or vote for the server. Voting earns you 750 credits, enough to create and sustain a town for a few days.

The basic upkeep for a town is 50 credits, collected each 24 hours. If you do not have enough money in your town bank, your town will get deleted when the upkeep is collected. Upkeep will scale with the amount of people in your town

Useful commands for towny:

/town new [name], Create a town with the name you chose, takes ¢250 from your money

/town add [player], Invite a player to your town

/town claim, Claim a plot (chunk) for your town

/town deposit [amount] Deposit money in the town's bank

/plot forsale [price] Set plots in your town for sale for your residents to claim

/plot claim Claim a plot that has been flagged 'for sale'

/town spawn, Teleport to the defined spawnpoint of the town you are in

/towny prices, Displays the current prices for a town, nation and their upkeep

Part Six: "What now?"

Now you have basic tools and a protected place to live, you do anything you want.

Forge custom tools, breed the most exotic bees, create giant factories, cook delicious food or keep yourself busy with magic and witchcraft. Anything is possible. Have fun!



The inside of our spawn building.


Players at the open workshop when it was being built.


Watching Star Wars on a Computercraft monitor with a few people. :)


The self-sustaining fusion reactor at spawn.


Fireworks at our old spawn.


Players in Roshi's Movie Theater.


The Spawn Express at the level crossing. (Old spawn)

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Technolution 3 has been released and deployed on the server!

Features include:

- Updated to 1.5.2

- Added Tinkers Construct, Natura and Dimensional Doors.

- A new world, a fresh start.

- New possibilities with a different internal server structure.

- Survival games! (You know you like it) ;)

- Player-owned shops

- Amazing world-gen with the combined powers of Biomes o Plenty, ExtraBiomes and Natura.

- So much more! :D

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Outstanding mod pack. This mod pack covers about any playing style you could have. The players and staff are friendly, and are very knowledgeable of the different aspects of the game. If you're tired of the same mod pack and want something new this is the place to play.

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