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[3.1.2] Homeless [48 Slots ++] [Sci-Fi][PVP][CutomServerPlugin] Server


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Greetings to kidgamer100 for this splash screen.

Hi guys, I am about to start new tekkit classic server, Looking for tekkit savvy people to join. It is open already, but for now do not expect too much. The reason I've posted it here is because we going Beta!

Server Address:

Kids every admin should avoid:

xxxsaw [/]

scrxyer [/]

bolsward1 [/]

Number of Slots

Currently 96, It is a subject to change on demand.


Wiki http://www.bixbite.org/homeless/wiki/

Why Homeless?

Here is the Story line.

People from Earth also known as Colonists are looking for a new place to live, since Earth is now the distant past, and a legend that even the current generation find hard to believe in. However, after a journey spanning centuries, they have finally found a new habitable planet. It's not easy to take, so they've begun with building a station on the orbit of the planet from all the resources they have left. But that's not easy either, since the planet is already inhabited by Natives -- an intelligent but still not well developed race. During the time of the journey, the government became more and more strict and many people didn't like it. As soon as they arrived the revolution began. There was a group of people that had a different idea for colonization of the new world. This is how Rebels were born. Because it was still difficult for them to settle on the land, due to limited resources, they decided to build a base on the deep ocean to stay protected.

Part of the legend says, Colonists were always afraid of invasion from foreign worlds. They developed defense systems on their own home planet Earth. These systems were so powerful that it turned out to be a main reason of their annihilation. They destroyed their own planet because of fear against something that never happened. In distant corners of galaxy nobody could have ever imagined that they would become those who they were afraid of so much. And their own nightmare became a reality. The only difference is, it is now the humans who are to be the primary threat of current times for all other civilizations. It is a time when Earth People is a sign of fear.


Try to survive and enjoy the game! Behave yourself when comes to interaction with other players. They all Humans as you are. (even if they say they are Natives ;) )


For time being it is pure Tekkit Classic, all mods, no restrictions. This is also yet to be established during world development. However we working on custom server side game dedicated plugin with lots of fun stuff.

Here is the list of features:

We have not 40 funky famous plugins but only 1 plugin that will do all the job. That will make the server much more stable, lag free and let us add more crazy stuff we planing to do in the future.

Currently Implemented:

Group management aka (towny, factions whatever you thing it might be)

However our group management takes under consideration game scenario.

We have humans and native species. Each nation have different abilities, hierarchy , social structure ranking system and economy.

Multiple custom worlds (aka multiworld or any other plugin like this)

To addition to that we have moon (sorry no cheese ore ;)) and deep space.

Custom Vehicles

Flying machines, Boats, Submarines etc. (Compare this to MoveCraft if you like)

Every player can build his own vehicle using shipyard. Custom design, but following predefined rules that will determine how fast and powerful can be. You can have passengers and thrusters, that will allow you to visit deep space and explore our moon Tilo.

Skill development system.

Whatever you doing on the server it will help you to develop your avatar. Work on new abilities and increase richness of the game. All those abilities and skill level will directly affect your in game powers. Hit a newbie by hand to kill him if you are skilled player!

Break a block instantly if your miner skill is good enough you don't even need a tools!.

But if you just started, even wooden axe is a pain...

Custom Crafting system

This idea does not required any additional mod for users to be installed.

It is the way you placing a blocks on the ground that can make another set of items. We working hard to make a discovery aspect of those blueprints to be more fun for players. And possibilities are endless!


We allowed to protect all blocks in game according to economy and game rules.

But still, don't want to ruin PVP fun. This server suppose to be violent by nature.

There is so much into it, that I hope our wiki will explain more in details.


Custom chat with additional features.

we using # to quickly on the fly switch between channels. No longer command base

Simply type #g and you are in global #v and you talking to passengers of your vehicle.


When you are on orbit of the planet, or hight enough, you can simply jump, deploy your parachute to land safely on the planet surface.


Each nation is different, but they all can use in game credit system. They also have set of terminals to make different things. At the moment we have functioning Trade Terminal (or Trade Portal for natives) that let you turn valuable items into credits, that can be used for other things in game, such as protection, building structures and vehicles.

In production:

More custom planets and custom environments

We enjoy of possibility to modify things on the server and would like to make the game world even more interesting for you. So far we have Moon and DeepSpace as well as Planet Orbit environments. But we stays open for further exploration.

At this stage we have most of it implemented. But it is mostly about making it robust, adding more features, fixing bugs etc.

And all this under one plugin making the server more efficient, stable, lag free and integrated!

Now you can get more familiar with our 'factions' and little showcase of their bases. ;)

TODO: change those images, they are outdated.


From the time they came to Ghea, colonists very quickly recognized that intelligent race living on this planet will do everything they can to protect their Planet against newcomers.

By decision of government they decided to stay on the orbit. Their mother ship was falling apart, but was in good enough condition to start construction and redesign on massive scale. Now they planing to relatively safe spots on the planet, build mine outposts and gather more resources needed to accomplish this task. They have chosen to float above ocean knowing that water is a natural barrier against Natives.




As soon as Colonists arrived at Ghea, group of people recognized the potential of deserting main Spaceship and start building they own base. They disregard all government decisions, believing in community driven resource based economy. They believe in technology and peaceful way of harnessing new planet, as well as live in symbiosis with Natives. But nobody yet came up with idea for diplomacy with them. Knowing that water is harmful for natives, they started to build their own base on little island in the middle of the Ocean. They also focuses on defense systems against Colonists, because there are rumors, that Colonists struggling to gather enough resources can go an easy path and attack Rebels instead.

There is still strong disbelieve in that idea, since every human being want to survive and protect each others as a whole species. However, some say, current government trying to justify such plans that Rebels putting in danger future of human race.


Natives (Ghea People)

The day humans arrived at Ghea, it was the beginning of the war for native species. They can't recognize the situation yet, Rebels or Colonists is the equal danger to them. They are not the same or even similar to Human beings, Biologically they have more in common with the sand rather than water. And that very substance is not their natural environment. vast oceans of this planet are harmful for them, But they mastered the ground and underground world. They lives in deep symbiosis with their planet. They also discovered unique property of their natural Volcanoes. Some of them emits very dangerous radioactive waves that can evaporate any water based organism in a second when in close range. That makes it their powerful and effective natural weapon against invaders.


Please join, report bugs and have a great fun!

Remember at this stage game is in Beta testing mode. Your settings may change at any time and your profile will be reset before official server launch! After that we will do our best to preserve your custom setting. Our server is being backed up on daily basis.

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Hello guys, I have noticed that many people are coming and leaving the server without even trying to understand what is that all about.

I know low attention spam is the problem these days but c'mon? ;). I'm also instead keep telling the same story over and over again I would prefer focus on writing a code instead.

There is nothing new on those big screens in spawn room but the scenario you can read on this forum as well.Because I keep restarting server a lot cannot restart computers in game that often yet.

Because it is Open Beta state sever could you please provide a feedback at least?

This is the main objective for now.

What we could improve to make the whole scenario clearer.

Did you found a bug, something isn't working? Do you think something needs tweaking?

Did you stack in Death world and need to be back on the planet?

Please leave that info even on in-game chat I will be able to read a logs.

Any help highly appreciated.

I don't mind if server will be greefed or crashed at this stage. The reason is open, is because we need testers and feedback from real people playing under real scenario.

Any feedback from people with full rights and permissions is not helpful at all. We had agreement that the build at current state is completed.

So if you need to improve your bases do it in survival spirit under actual scenario. This is a whole point of this game.


Our white list thread is already closed and will fade away so, all new information will came here.


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Ok, I am sorry to announce, but server is temporarily down.

We need to restore Ghea planet chunk generator.

Rebels and Natives bases has been affected. Trying to fix that on running server is not easy so I am shouting it down for now.

Sorry for inconvenience, but is better to fix it now before game is life. So it is actually good we figured the chunks are generated with 2 different seeds. Pre and Post multiworld era.

It is serious problem. Stay tuned!

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Really Great Server but i dont know how to go around in the spawn i thought if i go into the place were it says colonist rebels and everything i thought when i go in there i would be taken some were but no it had a computer screen with nothing on it and i would really like to play on the server but there is no one on once i get on and its boring to be in the game alone so you may want to fix that or just tell me if im being stupid and i need to do something else so hope the esrver is back up soon and see you on and my user name is masterlilj i dont know when the server will be back up but hope to see people on :)

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No, you just didn't read my previous post :) We had some issues today.And you posted just 20min after that.

It is all back to normal now. Monitors will tell you nothing more that has been already said on this thread. Just a quick story of each nation.

The only additional information is about to use /help to see what command you can use and /join, to actually join the faction.

And you /help again after that, because each time you will change your state in game you will see different set of options.

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I need to highlight it.

To all of those people saying server is a poo, sucks etc... you need to check the meaning of the word Beta. I recommend Wikipedia ;).It is written in bold on this very post.

We are adding new features on daily basis. But is far from complete.

The only reason I decided to open it, is to gather more debugging information. So far is working out very well. Thank you all for helping me out testing and for all your feedback.

People that doing so will be remembered and they will benefit from it when server will be released.

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I am sorry to announce but our server is temporarily whitelisted for safety.

I would like to thank you all once again, for helping me testing stuff out. I am new to bukkit/tekkit myself, learning API and there is still many things to do to make this server robust.

However I can not longer count on unpredictable players behavior in game. Or spending time to maintain them. It wasn't a subject of testing but learned me something else too.

There was a damage being made to the map of the game not by newbies, that game is already protected against, but members of the communities.

That only shows me how important is to put more systems in place.

I wanted to make this place community driven at first place and let people organize themselves, but players proved to me I was naive.

There is several crucial things to do to the plugin, bug fixing missing functionality etc. but more importantly I have to do some research in development and investigate different option than tekkit classic as well.

For the game I am up to it was natural choice, having all that tekky stuff in place. But in reality it is overpowered stuff that people are getting bored after week of game play, because there is nothing to do anymore.

Making stuff out of nowhere is just a shortcut, most of items and the way are working, is just programmer imagination nothing to do to the science or even science-fiction at all.

Although, writing a plugin for this, is not a programming at all but working around outdated API that is time consuming laggy and slow as well.

Server and game scenario will happen for sure. The goal hasn't changed. Will be open as soon as the safety and stability will be guaranteed.

But I cannot guarantee the form of it or what is going to be in terms of back-end. I am having hard time to decide about tekkit.

Hope that further research will help me to solve that soon.

Stay tuned.

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OK guys, Server is open again but with some additional restrictions.

- Only OP can unlock player when online using /unlock command. For now it's only me [devu] and [gianthero].

If none of us is online and you like to play a game, you are not just a casual visitor, please post application here that contains:

IGN: devu_design

Age: 34

Skype: I don't like spam but if you wish... on demand.

Why would you like to join?: Love sci-fi and programming.

Which nation would you like to join and why?: None, I am looking after the server.

- To be able to build in your own base you need a higher rank Elder for Natives and Rebels and Novice Construction Engineer for Colonists.

(yes, this is penalty to all for not having respect to freedom I gave you before)

Current improvements/additions

- Bed time is already fully working. No danger of getting stuck in dream. Your bed is acting as well known /sethome command too.

I will add /home command soon. Spawning above the bed issue has been fixed.

- /spawn command has been added, and depends on who you are will teleport you to default location.

- /setnick is allowed to everyone but only once during a game. So, think twice on your in game nick ;)

- Because the list of commands is growing, pagination of /help was added as well.

What next?

Well, I've decided to continue the journey with tekkit. There is many things to work out and I will treat this platform as a testing one and prolog to the real game in the future.

What I mean by 'real game' is something that may not be even MC anymore but custom build game. But that is a distant future.

So for now focusing on improving this server and plugin to make this place more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Next on todo list is

- Base shields for each nation to stay protected against enemies.

- Personal protection for beds, chests, homes

- Vote and reputation system

- Economy and monetary system.

- Professions jobs and titles

- Improving Skill system

- Custom crafting and blueprints system for virtual items and structures.

- Custom vehicles (code name flying chunks :) )

Stay tuned!

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IGN: kenn3111

Age: 15

Skype: I have it.

Why would you like to join?: I like the way its sci-fi and i checked the server out, read everything and im ready to go! I would really like to join this server and it looks awesome.

Which nation would you like to join and why?: I would like to be a rebel, because i liked the their story

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hello i read the notice board but nobody was online so could i please join or be unlocked please,

my ign is bobmekensi

and can i be a rebel please?

I can see why you are a Helen Keller. Please read the above post by devu.

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Hi guys.

Just to let you know, that server is back online after almost 2 days of black out.

There was big code refactoring and adding new stuff related to long awaiting features

- Personal protection for beds, chests, homes

It supports our custom multiworld and faction situation as well.

Well, protecting homes is still work in progress but your stuff in chest and beds are already protected.

here is a lot of improvements under the hood but there is also a sad news.

I hate doing it, but had to wipe out all user data again due to incompatibility. There is no other way. Trying to reuse old data results in white screen.

All I know for the future additions this will happen several times for sure before plugin will be completed. :(.

Only after we will change status from Beta to Release I can guarantee that this will never happen again.

Another 2 features are on the way and some code is already done for it:

- Base shields for each nation to stay protected against enemies.

- Custom crafting and blueprints system for virtual items and structures.

As 1 experimental item is Natives shield. When placing 5 blocks of special type and configuration... using wrench can activate the invisible protection against Humans.

Base on that principal there is a lot to come for each nation including construction of vehicles.

There are also new commands such

/protect - right click on bed or wooden chest (for now only those but more on the way)

/home - will teleport you to home location set by your bed.

/status - so you can see what is happening to you :)

/wakeup - if dreaming is too boring and you don't want to wait till full regeneration.

Many other improvements but mostly performance and code cleaning so...

What next?

I think this is a stage when I need to start turning items off and on base on nation to finally instead telling you, plugin will work this out, who can use what.

This is a top priority stuff for me now.

See you in game, enjoy!

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So you reset me for using nukes when i was away at my dads house for the weekend? I will try not to swear at you for such a stupid mistake and here are the reasons why it is a mistake

1:i wasnt even online when this happened so how can i be blamed

2: i have been using EE and not build craft

3: how could i even create a nuke if a. im not an admin b. i cant spawn things in c. my tech is rather low all i have is a condenser,furnace, and an energy collecter.

you were in my base so you could see what i had and you took the time to write out the signs but didnt look around for prof?in a slightly rude way use common sense i couldnt obtain a nuke without having to have the tech for it. So can i have my stuff back? Also if you have some plugin that tells you someone destoryed something does it work with nicknames too, as in does it show their real name or their nickname?

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Ender Ally, please calm down.

You have those signs as other 3 suspected people that were logged in around the time that 3 nukes were deployed by one of the Native member flattened 3 properties of another Natives properties. You should be more angry on a members of your own Nation for what happened. Because if that wasn't you, you lucky your house survived. And I know you have been login, because I can see dates on the profiles. But I don't know who deployed a Nuke because the custom plugin im working on is not robust enough to provide those information. But yes I can see nicks and real names.

And no, I didn't took anything from your house, even the uranium you had, nor banned you, as you can read my previous post carefully twice, EVERYONE was reset due to profile changes.

From now on, we have protected chests and it will be safer for players to store their stuff in there because I already know user profiles will change in the future base on list of stuff I still need to implement.

However today morning something terrible happened.

I lost my HD with partition that contained all the source code for Homeless plugin. (plus 2 years of all my work I've done) due to HD failure.

Will try some data recovery software... but for now bad luck don't want me to progress with server development any further :(.

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Hi guys, I am so exited about this so decided to announce it :)

As some of you already know, my work contract is committing to its end tomorrow.

I never actually had enough time to focus on development of homeless server and plugin.And when I started my contract it was the time when I started this very project.

But from 25th of April I am planing to dedicate at least 2 weeks + of my time to move things to the next level.

You will get a chance to find me in game all the time working on new updates and functions.

I will try to work on local environment as much as I can but expect more restarts of the server during a day.


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IGN: Dream_Syndrome

Age: 17

Skype: TBA

Why would you like to join?: Enjoy Sci-fi and creativity

Which nation would you like to join and why?: Rebels, reminds me of the game "Brink" and i liked that game a lot haha

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