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Challenging Builds?

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I'm looking for some ideas of machines to build, im fairly new to tekkit but i have created a fully automated UU matter facility, Multiple Solar Facilitys LV-HV, Fully automated Quarry to Bars Facility and a automated rubber machine, Does anyone have any suggestions of machines to build? im looking for something elaborate and time consuming :P thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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Have a large room filled with barrels, put a filter with an item inside above each of them to ensure that if the barrel is emptied it another item won't drop it and mess up the system

All of these barrels are to be fed items from the input chest

Now if you want absolute item count control use transposers (this will be slower but allow for retrieving single items instead of stacks) otherwise use filters but without items

Wire the outbound up so activating one won't activate another, considering the item count in vanilla alone you will need multiple computers rigged for rednet so I would recommend the barrels are in rows of 80 (5 x 16 for max IO while allowing for a modem)

Each terminal will need to know what items are stored within it's area so create a retrieval program on one then install it on all the others, remembering to reprogram the item ids each time

Now program the master terminal, it should accept an item ID and quantity then rednet that information to all the slave terminals, if it's a valid item most of the slaves will evaluate to false and wait for the next message while the slave that does have that item will then send pulses until it has pulled the item count specified (don't try to sanity check this) then fall back to waiting like the rest

The pulled items will obviously have to be kept from going back to the input, rather than try to make 2 separate pipe networks have the machine that pulls from the in chest colour tag all the items, then apply a matching tag to all of the pipes at the in filters, repeat with a different colour for the out machines and pipes

As a final safety measure have the output chest behind enough restriction pipes to ensure it is the absolute final destination but do not colour tag it, this will give unrecognized input items a place to go

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I just did the same setup, but used logistics pipes instead. In the long run it is much simpler as you only have to have one pipe network for both storage and retrieval. I have a factory floor with double chests stacked 3 high as storage, and another floor with dozens of autocrafting tables so the system can make items that may not be in storage. My network retriever dumps directly into a project table, so I can build anything the network doesn't know how to build. Plus I've integrated my IC2 machinery in the network to more complex items that require those machines.

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