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Should I start a tekkit lite server? Why do all servers inculde banned iteams?


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Hello and I would like to ask why does every single server have baned iteams? even If they say they don't.

second I might want to start a server. It will be home hosted so uptime will prob be at 30% but it will feature no banned iteams and a nice spawn that is constantly watched. there should be no lag because the limit would be probably 5 to 7.

I may make it a small server in the future.

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There are items that nearly always get banned because:

1) There are some things with which it is nearly impossible to prevent griefing.

2) There are some things that even with good intentions can inadvertently crash a server (Looking at you here CC)

3) There are some things which absolutely do not scale and even a few people using them can overload a server (Looking at you here MystCraft)

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Even with people I trust quite well, allowing them to use items I know easily dupe would make me not enjoy playing at all. If you make a server that has no banned items - good luck - I've seen many of those tried and they end up being a waste of time because spawn will be gone and so will players.

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