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Voltz for Minecraft 1.5.1?

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I find it strange that Voltz have not been updated for a while. Especially since all the mods in the modpack looks to be updated to the new Minecraft. But I'm guessing the creators are not looking here anyway so I don't know why I post anything heh.

Voltz is now being managed by the team, by IceWolf to be precise

Also, just because everything is updated doesn't mean a new version is ready to roll out

I'd avoid any further topics like this as it's borderline ETA

No asking for ETA's - We are tired of these questions. Updates depend on lots of different things and they happen when they happen.
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It's out now. Hidden by default, but it's out. Go to the settings for volts, click manual build selection and at the bottom of the list you will find 2.0.0, and it's for minecraft 1.5.2. Some of the changes worth considering:

Railcraft is removed.

Electric expansion is removed, but I think this one is a bug. It can be re-downloaded here.

Assembly line is removed.

On the plus side though:

Minefactory is added. Kinda makes up for assembly line in my opinion.

Galacticraft is added.

Applied energistics is added.

Minechem is added. Very buggy at the moment, but still usable for the most part.

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