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How much solar energy will be needed to be converted and then used to power a quarry?

Luke TB

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Sorry there is probably already a thread about this. I'm using an IC consumer hooked up to an energy bridge to a BC producer to power the quarry but how much solar power will I need using this set up to power the quarry efficiently? One Medium voltage array? Two?

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This lists the energy requirements for a BC Quarry. 2 MJ = 5 EU as per the energy bridge. A single MV array would produce 64 EU/t, would be about 25 MJ/t. Slap on two redstone energy conduits (one set to input the other to output) and it would run at a decent rate. Two MV arrays would cap out the quarry's input, movement, and dig speed.


You're right, having the producer right up against the quarry, then there is no reason for any sort of conduit.

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