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Newish to Tekkit lite...what to do?


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I'm somewhat new to tekkit lite and for the past few days basically all i've been doing is gathering up stuff and i've made a macerator and a generator and an extractor. that's about it. If someone could give me a list of things to do or goals to achieve, then that would be wonderful, because i dont really know what to do next. :

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If you made the basic IC2 stuff above, you definitely should try the configurable power armor!

The main powerless 4 armor-parts you make with 2 electric chips, the modification table is emerald (at villagers) + machine block + chip under eachother (it does not needs to be powered), then simply wear the armor or have it in your inventory. The modules can be set with "K" key.

Then you can try out the "ME" matter-energy stuff.

Automatic crafting, instantenous pipes, sorted compact storage, any machine integration.

Sounds, and looks good. ;)

The problem is that you need lasers and assembly table for a lot of chips there.

Then maybe mystcraft? Really interesting one.

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Need something to do with Tekkit Lite?

Think of everything you could ever need or possibly ever use. Think about how to acquire that.

Now, instead of going out and getting it, automate it. Make a setup so that somehow, some way, you will be able to repeatedly (Perhaps not infinitely) get that item without doing so manually.

Enjoy your work and be sure to share any new discoveries you make in automation.

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