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Was there anything in particular you needed info on?

People here are pretty helpful, or the individual mods wikis are much more helpful than modpack wikis.

It would be helpful to know which mod I should start out with. For example, in Tekkit Lite it was recommended to start out with IC2 in the form of a generator / macerator setup, which would double ore profit. Maybe a better way of saying it is: what is the most basic machine I should start out with in Tekkit?

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Thermal expansion is the mod you need to put some research into. Jay? is quite correct, you need a pulverizer to double (with the chance of extra) your metals from ores. A pulverizer would need some form of MJ power (minecraft joules) I would recommend a steam engine to get started, which needs water and a solid fuel to run.

For quick and fun stuff, look up the wiki for dimensional doors. The dungeon entrance things are pretty common, and you will have a blast raiding for loot. Dont worry about dying, as you will keep your inventory, but if you end up in limbo, just keep heading down until you find a dark pool black and jump in. (If you do die and have to leave via limbo, you may be tens of thousands of blocks from where you entered :P )

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Applied Energistics even has a hand cranked (literally) "Grind Stone" which can bust up your ores and such early on so that you never lose any of the doubling even before you have powered machines.

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