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Tekkit using 120 kilobytes/s+ with two people


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I'm pretty sure this shouldn't be normal as when I used Tekkit lite and Tekkit classic it never really got above 80kB/s with five people on the server. Since this is the case, anymore than one person will start lagging everyone else on the server which defeats the purpose of even running it. Running this server on a Ubuntu machine that is dedicated to just running the server so nothing else is running besides it. Is anyone else experiencing this or am I the only one?

full server specs with internet specs

q6600 2.4ghz

4gb ddr2 ecc ram

integrated graphics

120gb laptop hard drive.

6megabit download 1.5megabit upload.(att)

edit: Forgot to mention that there is close to nothing built. We just started up the server in hopes of getting some close friends to play together again starting from scratch.

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Honestly, I have a very hard time believing a modded server would ever be pushing as little as 16K/s per player. With a lot going on you can get 200-300K/s per person with a ton of activity and complex stuff going on. 60K/s per player doesn't sound all that unreasonable.

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@ Plowmanplow, I totally understand what you mean but I would only expect that when there is stuff built. I tried it myself earlier this morning with tekkit lite again and a buddy and I was only pushing 80Kbits with us just running around. Then hopped back onto 1.5.1 tekkit and went way over 1megabit just doing the same exact thing. The second test I actually did it on my gaming machine with these specs if it matters.

i7 3770k(stock @ 3.5Ghz)

64gb samsung 830 sdd

16gb ddr3 1333mhz

7870 2gb clocked at 1.1ghz

@Teraku, I'll give that a go, thanks for the suggestion.

edit: So I did what you suggested and this was the result(practically the same thing)


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We noticed the same huge download speed with the new tekkit.

To confirm that, we also re-tried playing on our tekkit lite server and it was lag-free with almost no download speed.

The new Tekkit server let us have download rates over 1 mbit/s and sometimes makes it laggy.

Btw. I made a bug report in the bug section with screenshots and Infos!

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